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Face Makeup Kits & Palettes

Enhance your features with convenience and stock up on makeup kits and palettes from CVS. Face palettes are great for beginners or someone looking to have all of their makeup steps in one single palette. Pack lightly and just have one item for your contour, blush, and highlight. Use the contour to chisel out your cheekbones, the blush to bring some color to your cheeks, and finish off the look with a blinding highlighter to enhance your features. Makeup kits are great for traveling or to throw in your purse to touch up during the day. Not only do we have makeup palettes with every makeup step in one, we have blush palettes, contour kits, and highlighter palettes. These face palettes will have a variety of colors for you to choose from depending on your makeup look.

Makeup Brush Sets

A makeup brush set would make a great gift for the makeup lover in your life, someone new to makeup, and even for yourself. If you are just starting to get into makeup and want to build your collection, getting a brush set is the perfect place to start. Makeup brushes are essential to any makeup collection - as you need them to apply your makeup flawlessly. With a face brush set, you can get all you need bundled up into one product. The majority of the time, brush sets will contain brushes for every step of your makeup routine. The best drugstore brush sets will contain a powder brush for your powder face products, a concealer brush to cover up imperfections, an angled brush for both eye and brow product application, a smudge brush and an all over shadow brush for eyeshadow, and a brow/ lash comb. This brush bundle would be perfect to test out different kinds of brushes and grow your brush collection from there.

Contour Kit

A contour palette has various darker shades that will help you to create a shadow on your face. Pick up the darkest shade with a brush and focus it underneath your cheekbones by your hair line. Then, use a lighter shade to bring that color closer to the middle of your face. By doing this, you are chiseling out your face without it looking too harsh and obvious. Often in contour kits, there is a light shade. This shade is meant to highlight underneath your eyes and to also clean up the contour. To clean up the contour, take the powder on a makeup sponge and bounce it underneath your contour to create a cleaner line.

Blush & Bronzing Palette

After you apply your contour using your new contour palette, move onto bronzer and blush! We have a selection of bronzing and blush palettes that will help you to bring color back into your complexion. A bronzing palette often contains a few different shade options. The darker shades should be applied with a big fluffy brush to the border of your face, and the lighter shades should be applied to the cheeks. Once you're done bronzing the skin, dip into the blush and apply it, softly, to the apples of your cheeks. You can apply a more intense blush to the apples of your cheeks and then sweep a softer brush up towards your hair line.

Highlighter Palette

Finish of your glam look with your highlighter palette! With a highlighter palette, you can pick which highlighter looks best with your makeup look on any day. There are different options of highlighter to choose from with a palette. Usually, there are pinky-toned highlight palettes and golden highlight palettes. Pink and purple colored highlighters look best on cooler skin tones, whereas gold highlighters look best on warm skin tones. With a highlighter palette, you have the opportunity to customize your own highlighter shade. You can use the brightest highlighter on the areas you want to emphasize - like your cupids bow and the tip of your nose - and then a more subtle highlight on areas like your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.

Contour kits, highlighter palettes, and blush palettes are must-have makeup products. After applying a full coverage foundation and concealer, your face will look flat. These face makeup palettes will bring your complexion back to life by adding color back to your face as well as creating a beautiful glow. To apply these face products, you'll need a face brush set. You can find all of these face makeup products at unbeatable prices at CVS!

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