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Bene Casa Electric Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel, 5 LT

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Bene Casa Electric Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel, 5 LT

1 C/U, 12.35 lb. N.° de artículo: 243896

This Bene Casa stainless steel electric multicooker makes healthy, home-cooked meals in minutes.
This efficient electric multi-cooker prepares dishes in an instant – up to 70% faster than traditional stovetop cooking methods.
With a 5-liter capacity, you can prepare healthy nutrient packed meals for the whole family, fast! This multicooker features a user-friendly LED display with 5 preprogrammed cooking options to take the guesswork out of some of the most common cooking tasks. Rice, beans, meat, chicken, fish, and soup will be prepared with the push of a button. For customized cooking, you can adjust the cooking options as well. The slow cooker function allows you to cook food evenly over time, up to 9 hours, and retain moisture, ensuring a tender and flavorful meal. The 8-hour delay timer and keep warm features allow for extra flexibility and convenience to work with your schedule. Two easy-grip handles make transporting and carrying the cooker to and from your countertop simple. The cooker is equipped with a cool touch lid that contains multiple safety features including a safety release valve to maintain the precise pressure needed for cooking and a large locking lid to prevent the cooker from opening while pressurized. The durable, nonstick inner cooking pot is removable making it easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe. The brushed stainless steel body easily wipes clean and stays looking great. Whether you want to slow cook, make a soup or stew, cook rice, beans, or lentils; steam fish or vegetables, braise meats, or cook chicken, this Bene Casa stainless steel electric 5-liter multicooker does it all perfectly in a fraction of the time.
Order your Bene Casa multicooker today and enjoy fast delicious meals!
Before each use, check to be sure that the rubber gasket and all the valves are clean and positioned properly.
• Place the lid on the multicooker and turn until it locks into place.
• Plug in multicooker to electric outlet.
• Choose the desired cooking setting.
• During the cooking process, you will notice the steam release valve will move around. This is completely normal. Do not touch the valve during the cooking process.
• Once the time countdown is over, the cooker will beep signaling the cooking process is complete. You must depressurize the multicooker before attempting to open the lid. Never force open the lid.
• Follow your recipe’s instructions to choose a venting method, and always wait until the float valve drops into the lid before opening.
• Do not alter this appliance in any way. • CAUTION: Lid on this multicooker contains metal parts. These parts get extremely hot and can cause burns, scalds, and other injuries.
• All parts of the lid must be correctly placed and in good condition to use. • NEVER WALK AWAY FROM THIS APPLIANCE WHILE IN USE.
• For household use only. Not for commercial use. DO NOT use this appliance for anything other than its intended use.
• To eliminate a choking hazard for young children, remove and safely discard all packaging materials.
• Do not immerse appliance base, power cord, or plug in water or any other liquid. Also, do not place or rinse under a running water tap.
• This appliance is for countertop use only.
• Do not operate any appliance with any damage.
• Before use, always check the steam release valve, vent pipe, anti-block shield and float valve for clogging.
• Before inserting the inner pot into the multicooker body, always make sure both parts are dry and free of food debris.
• DO NOT place anything that may block the vents on the bottom of the appliance.
• DO NOT place a cloth or any other objects that may block or cover any valves on the lid of the appliance.
• DO NOT place on a hot stove or any other hot surface. Heat from any other external source will damage the appliance.
• DO NOT place the appliance on or close to a hot gas or electric burner, electric element or anywhere near heated oven.
• Do not use near flammable material including curtains and draperies when operating.
• Never use the appliance near water or flame.
• Never use outdoors. Keep out of direct sunlight.
• Never touch the appliance’s hot surfaces.
• Always use waterproof, heatproof oven mitts, potholders.
• Never touch the metal portions or any accessories when the appliance is in operation or immediately after as this could result in injury.
• DO NOT move the appliance when it is in use or still has steam build up.
• Extreme care should be taken when lifting/removing the inner pot from the multicooker base to avoid burn injury.
• Never place food or liquid directly into the body of the multicooker.
• Always ensure that the cooker’s sealing ring and valves are clean and free of food or any other debris.

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