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Combos Baked Pretzel Snacks, 3 OZ
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Combos Baked Pretzel Snacks, 3 OZ
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Combos Stuffed Baked Snack, 6.3 OZ
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Combos Stuffed Baked Snack, 6.3 OZ
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When craving a great salty snack, many people reach immediately for Combos. Combos have been a popular option for decades now, and they only continue to gain new fans year after year. This is largely because, as the name implies, they are a combination of two great snacking options. For the original Combos snack, that meant a combination of the cheese in the middle and the crispy baked cracker around the outside. In addition to the two great flavors, you are also getting a combination of two satisfying textures. The crispy outside provides you with a satisfying crunch that people love. The soft inside provides the smoothness that allows the flavors to take over your whole mouth. On top of all of this, Combos come in a variety of great flavors to suit the tastes of just about anyone. Combos can also pair with popcorn, a jalepeno popper, a layered dip tortilla or a cheese pretzel baked to perfection. No matter the combo, your local grocery store has it.

Combos Flavors

When looking at the different Combos flavors, you will naturally have to consider both aspects of each option. The main flavor is going to be the one that makes up the filling, since it has the stronger flavor profile. The crispy outside, however, also makes a huge difference. The two main options for the crispy outer part are a baked cracker and a pretzel. Both of these options have a great crunch, but they each have unique tastes that really help to complement the other flavor of the snack. When looking at the main flavor of Combos, you will have a huge set of options to consider. The following are among the most popular options out there today:

  • Pepperoni Pizza - Get the great taste of a pepperoni pizza in a convenient snack-sized package.

  • Spicy Honey Mustard - Spicy honey mustard has a unique blend of spice, salt, and even a little sweetness to make it the favorite of many people.

  • Cheddar Cheese - The classic cheddar cheese Combos flavor continues to be among the most popular.

  • Buffalo Blue Cheese - If you love buffalo flavors, the buffalo blue cheese option is a great choice. It has just the right amount of spicy that is then offset by the cooling effect of the blue cheese.

  • Cheeseburger - That's right, you can get the great taste of a cheeseburger in the form of a Combo!

Combos also make a variety of other options that often come and go in different markets. If you want a great snack that everyone will love, don't miss out on all your favorite Combos flavors. Combos has anything from combos pepperoni pizza, cheddar cheese pretzel, blue cheese pretzel, or even a combos buffalo blue to pair with blue cheese! Combos is made with the best combo of ingredients and has just the right amount of calories to make it the perfect snack. Shop within the grocery section at CVS, and for any additional nutrition facts, check the back of the packaging label. and make sure you try new ones when you see them.