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mymedicalimages is a browser-based application with unlimited storage allowing you to view, share and manage your medical images.  This easy-to-use application allows you to share your medical images with physicians, family, and friends* through a secure link.  Your images are encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Upload your medical images on a Kodak Moments® Kiosk exclusively at CVS® today.**

My Medical Images
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View, Share and Manage your Medical Images from CDs on your PC or Mobile Device.

Medical images are vital for historical comparison, when seeking second opinions and for treatment options. Now, you can conveniently access all your family's medical images on demand and easily share them in minutes. Ask your doctor for your medical images and always have them at your time of need. Upload your medical images on a Kodak Moments® Kiosk exclusively at CVS® today.**

*Please note, a subscription upgrade is required to share your images with family and friends. **The mymedicalimages application does not support printing capabilities. To print your images, please leverage your CD at a Kodak Moments® Kiosk exclusively at CVS®.
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mymedicalimages FAQs

Why is it important to have medical images accessible through the mymedicalimages cloud?

Life happens fast. It's crucial to receive proper treatment in a timely manner and immediate access to your medical image history may be important. Once uploaded to your mymedicalimages account, it only takes seconds to access your images and share them with physicians anywhere.

Where are my original diagnostic-quality medical images located?

Medical images are taken and stored at many locations, from doctor's offices to hospitals. Medical images include x-rays, MRIs, CTs, CAT scans, sonograms, mammograms and PET scans,etc. which are in a diagnostic-quality file format called DICOM. Locations holding your images are required by law to retain them for 7-10 years and they must be provided to you upon request.

How do I get my medical images from providers or medical imaging centers?

After receiving an imaging procedure, ask the radiologic technologist or front desk person for a copy of your medical images on a CD. It's typically free, but they may charge a small fee, and it can take as long as 30 days for you to receive these CDs.

What do I need to bring to CVS® in order to upload my images?

Your doctor's office will provide your medical images on a CD. Bring these CDs to select CVS® locations with Kodak Moments® Photo Kiosks to upload your medical images. If you are uploading to your physician (responding to a Request for Images email), you will also need that physician's 8-digit lookup code.

Do I need to purchase a subscription to send images to my physician?

If your physician has asked you to share your images with them using mymedicalimages, they will provide an 8-digit code to upload images directly to the physician's account, and there is no charge. Once you have completed uploading your medical images using this code, an email notification will be sent to the physician's account within 24 hours. If you choose not to purchase an account, you will be able to view the images online, but will not be able to upload or share.

How will I know if my physician participates in this service?

If your physician has a mymedicalimages account, they will provide an 8-digit code in a "Request for Images" email sent to you. If you purchase a subscription, you can share the uploaded medical images with any physician using their email address, domestic or international.

How long does it take to upload my medical images from a CD at CVS®?

It depends on the internet speed at your location and the size and quantity of image files, but typically allow 10-35 minutes. Some image types such as MRI and CT Scans contain hundreds of files for just one scan. Therefore, a CD containing just two MRI's could display a thousand files. Fortunately, each file is often small and uploads relatively quickly. An upload may appear paused if it encounters a larger image file, these typically complete in just a few minutes.

Are my medical images stored securely and HIPAA compliant?

Your medical images are encrypted and stored in a secure cloud service. The security used to upload, store, and share medical images is similar to online banking. The mymedicalimages platform was built from the ground up with HIPAA standards and requirements in mind.

Can I view or print my medical images at CVS®?

No. However, once your images are uploaded into your personal account, you can view them on any web-enabled device, such as a computer or smart device. Then, you can use print screen or other computer image software to print individual images or slices using your printer.

Can I share my medical images with anyone?

Yes, if you choose to purchase an annual subscription, you can share a link to your images via a secure text or email link to anyone you wish, including physicians or family.

Will I be able to view my medical images on my smartphone or computer?

Yes, once you have uploaded your medical images to your account, use Google Chrome or Apple Safari to logon to where your medical images will be viewable on your smart device or computer.

Can I get second opinions through mymedicalimages or CVS®?

No, mymedicalimages and CVS® do not provide medical second opinions. However, if you purchase a mymedicalimages subscription, you can share your medical images with any physician via a secure email or text link, including those that provide second opinion services.

If my subscription lapses, will my medical images be deleted?

No, your medical images will not be deleted. They will remain viewable and downloadable from your account, but you won't be able to share them or upload new medical images until your account is re-activated.

How many images can I upload to my account?

With a mymedicalimages personal account, you can hold an unlimited number of medical images on your profile. These images can be tagged and organized, and you can manage your entire family's medical images from the same account.

I have pictures of my images on a CD, why won't they upload?

The mymedicalimages application on photo kiosks accepts only DICOM formatted files. This file format is commonplace in medical imaging, and allows consistent diagnostic quality of the images. Contact your Physician or Imaging Center if your CD does not contain DICOM formatted files, or if you are unsure about your file format.

Should I keep the CD after I have uploaded my images?

Yes, we recommend that you create a record of your medical image CD’s and store them in a safe place.

How much does mymedicalimages cost?

If you choose to create an account to save your images in the secure mymedicalimages cloud for future viewing and sharing, the price is only $29.95 annually.