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CVS carries a wide variety of quitaesmalte and nail treatments so that you can keep your nails in tip top shape and looking great!

How to Remove Nail Polish

Nail polish remover is the easiest way to remove your nail polish. There are two main types of nail polish remover. Acetone nail polish remover contains acetone, a solvent that is very effective at removing nail polish. Non acetone nail polish remover typically contains ethyl acetate or nethyl ethyl keytone as the active ingredient. If you use regular polish on your own nails, acetone nail polish remover is an appropriate choice. However, if you use nail extensions, it is best to choose non acetone nail polish to reduce the risk of damage to your nail extensions.

Using nail polish remover to remove the polish from your nails is a simple process. Simply place some nail polish remover on a cotton swab and rub the solution onto your nails until the color is removed. Some people like to use cotton rounds or balls, but cotton swabs give you the most control. Be careful not to get the nail polish remover on your cuticles or fingers, as it can be very drying. It is a good idea to moisturize after using nail polish remover. If you don't want to supply the cotton swabs or balls yourself, you may like to try pre-soaked nail polish remover pads.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is designed to have extra staying power, so it can be more difficult to remove. When choosing a gel nail polish remover, always choose one formulated with acetone rather than a non acetone nail polish remover, since the former is stronger and more effective on gel nail polish. One of the most effective ways to remove gel nail polish is the foil method. To start, buff the surface of your manicured nails until the shine is mostly removed. Then, soak 10 cotton balls in acetone nail polish remover. Place one cotton ball on each of your nails and secure it in place with a piece of tin foil. You can also purchase gel polish remover wraps that are pre-shaped and ready for you to use. Leave the wrapping on for 10 to 15 minutes, then gently remove. Your gel polish should slide right off along with the cotton ball.

Tratamientos para uñas

If you subject your nails to frequent polishing - or even if you don't - it is important to take good care of your nails and cuticles. Nail treatments are a great way to do this. Nail hardener and nail strengthener are nail polish treatments that are formulated with proteins to encourage healthy nail growth and encourage the protein chains to form tighter chemical bonds to make nails harder and more durable. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is a popular option. Cuticle oil is another product that you can benefit from. Cuticle oil is essentially a moisturizer for your cuticles and nails, and helps restore oils lost when you frequently apply polish and remove it using harsh nail polish removers. Cuticle oil is also great to use if your hands are frequently exposed to water or cold temperatures, which can cause dryness, cracking, and similar damage. Keep in mind that dry, brittle, or cracked nails and cuticles can also be a sign of a vitamin deficiency. If you notice the issue and are concerned, talk to your doctor and consider picking up some hair, skin, and nails vitamins as well.

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