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The Best Skin Care Products

The best skin care products are reliant on your skin type. Products that may work for one person, may not work for another. If you have dry skin, you will want to use different products than people with oily skin. The skin care products you choose should be dependent on your skin concern - anti aging, oil control, and dryness - just to name a few.

All Around Skin Care By Concern


Aging skin is an invevitable part of the aging process. With aging skin you may develop dry skin, wrinkles, eye bags, and dark age spots. While this can't be prevented, it may be delayed with the help of anti aging skin care products. Most commonly, people associate anti-aging skin care with facial skin care and tend to neglect the body. But, the aging process happens all of the body, not just the face. There are products that you can use that contain retinol and firming ingredients to keep the skin looking tight and moisturized.

Oil Control & Acne

Some people just have naturally oily skin. Often oily skin can clog one's pores which may result in breakouts. To prevent body acne and face acne, oil control products should be considered. Often, people with oily skin opt out of moisturizing because they feel that it would make them feel greasy. But, that is not the case. Water-based lotions are recommended over oil-based lotions when you have oily skin to avoid that greasy feeling. Also, lighter lotion formulas are better over thick, creamy formulas to not clog your already oily pores. Body scrubs are great for exfoliating away any extra oils at the end of the day to prevent any breakouts as well.


Dry skin can be uncomfortable if not treated properly. Incorporating heavier formulas, like body cream, will help to moisturize your skin the most and keep you the most hydrated. Your feet and hands are areas that tend to get the driest, as they see the most contact. Hand and foot care is essential because they are likely to crack if not kept moisturized. Ensure that you are doing foot and hand masks or applying a thick cream to those areas since they tend to be the most dry and most neglected.

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