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Wet Flavored - Lubricante saborizado, Sultry Strawberry
Wet Flavored - Lubricante saborizado, Sultry Strawberry
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What Is Edible Lube?

Edible lube is a type of lubricant that is meant to make oral sex more enjoyable and pleasurable. Edible lube is also designed to be used for solo play, penetration, massages, and any play with sex toys involved. If you want to try edible lube, flavored or not, CVS Pharmacy® has a lot of options for you to choose from. Edible lube comes in hundreds of flavors, such as green apple, vanilla, chocolate, and many more. These flavors may seem intimidating to use in the bedroom, but they will enable you to reduce friction and feel better during any sexual activity. However, the major benefit of edible lube isn't its flavor. It's the fact that it's safe to eat. Because flavor implies a lube to be edible, that's an amazing sign that the product is safe to be swallowed without having to worry about any adverse health effects. Flavored or unflavored, it is always a great idea to invest in edible lube. If lube is not safe to be ingested, then it may not be safe to put near the anus, mouth, or vagina. Flavored edible lube is generally safe to use for people who are not sensitive to topical flavor agents. To make sure you are safe, you can do a test on your arm before exposing it to other regions. Keep in mind that edible lube is not designed to be an alternative for foods that some people like to include in sexual activity. However, one benefit of edible lube is you won't have to worry about it causing issues, as opposed to foods used during sexual activity, which may lead to yeast infections or other such problems.

What Is Edible Lube Made Out Of?

What makes edible lube safe? For starters, any lubricant that has ingredients you are allergic to is not safe to use. For example, if you are allergic to nuts, you may want to stay away from peanut butter-flavored edible lube. If you do not have food allergies, it is better to stay away from lubes that have alcohol and parabens since they can interfere with your hormones. What's worse is these preservatives can also make any orifice dry. Edible lube is usually water-based, but it can also be made with silicone or oil, and it can have additional ingredients such as flavoring. If you want to shop for edible lube, visit your nearest CVS Pharmacy® hoy.