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Soportes para cintura y espalda

When you're suffering from an injury or chronic condition, the pain can interfere with your daily routine. Fortunately, with the right support, you can reduce discomfort. Waist and back braces limit movement to ease pain and assist with recovery. Your medical provider can help you decide which type of brace is right for you, and then you can find whatever he or she recommends right here at CVS. This product selection contains an array of braces and supports for the waist and back and allows you to easily order online.

Wraps and Tape for Injuries

In some cases, doctors recommend athletic tape for injuries. Athletic tape is a fabric material that comes in a roll. Generally, it is applied over top of a pre-wrap like an elastic bandage. Once in place, the tape provides firm support, while still allowing you to move as necessary for exercise, sports and daily activities. As you shop for athletic tape, pay attention to the width of the tape and the size of the overall roll. Most rolls will give you enough tape to last through several uses.

Kinesiology Tape for Support

Kinesiology tape is a newer type of support that has become very popular among athletes. Unlike athletic tape, kinesiology tape is crafted out of a stretchy elastomer rather than fabric. As a result, the tape is better able to move with you during your activities, giving you a greater range of motion while still supporting the affected muscles.

Braces for Your Back

If you suffer from chronic low back pain or have an injury or condition that affects your back, posture and reduces pressure on the lower back area.

Hot and Cold Therapy Aids

Often, hot and cold therapy are recommended for low back pain, and there are braces that make administering treatments easier at home and on the go. These braces typically feature removable inserts that you can place in the freezer or the microwave. Then, you replace the insert in the pocket of the belt.

Important Advice

While braces and supports can be beneficial, it is important that you do not try to self-treat an injury or condition. Before purchasing any product, talk to your health care provider for advice about what to choose and how best to use it.


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