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Vanity Planet Outlines Facial Steamer

Vanity Planet Outlines Facial Steamer
1 C/U, 1.08 lb. N.° de artículo: 605525
  • Simply Supple: Hydrates and softens skin
  • Skincare That Counts: Prep your skin for masks, serums
  • and treatments
  • Discover Clearer Skin: Steams away impurities and leaves skin feeling refreshed and renewed
  • Much-Needed R&R: Use with essential oils for a therapeutic experience

Before Using Your Facial Steamer
Only fill the steamer with distilled water. Tap water can cause the buildup of limescale in the device and shorten its lifespan. Also, do not use any oils, herbs, etc. instead of water.

  • First, remove the tank and unscrew the plug.
  • Then, slowly and carefully pour the distilled water into the tank until it reaches the �Min.� level but no higher than the �Full� mark. At the �Full� mark, there will be enough water for one, 15-minute session. Once filled, close the water tank and fasten the plug.
  • Last, insert the water tank back into the steamer until it clicks into place.
  • Wash your face before using the steamer. This will make the detoxifying session even more effective.
  • Adjust the nozzle to the height you'd like.
  • For a full spa experience, soak the basket's foam portion with your favorite essential oil and place it on the device's nozzle. (There are three baskets included to prevent the mixing of oils).

Using the Steamer

  • To avoid risk of burns or injury, make sure to only adjust the nozzle when the device is off
  • To avoid risk of burns or injury, make sure that you're no closer than 25 centimeters to the nozzle.

This steamer was specially designed to help steam and cleanse your skin. For the best results, we recommend using the steamer no more than 15 minutes a day, two-to-three times a week.

Cómo comenzar:

  • With the steamer on a flat, secure and water-resistant surface, plug in the AC adapter and press the Power Button-this will light the blue indicator light and begin heating the distilled water
  • After about one minute, steam made of nano-sized water molecules will begin to rise from the nozzle
  • After two minutes, the steam will be ready for your steaming session
  • Close your eyes and begin moving your face towards the plume of steam so that the steam covers your entire face
  • The steamer will automatically shut off after 15 minutes or if the water tank is empty
  • When you're done with your session, make sure to unplug the AC adapter
  • After your session, wash your face and apply your favorite facial cream or face mask-their effects will be enhanced with your open and cleansed pores
  • Let the steamer cool for about 10 minutes before trying to clean or store it

Cleaning the Steamer

  • Before cleaning the steamer, make sure that the AC adapter has been disconnected.
  • To get the most out of your steamer, try to empty and clean the water tank after each and every use, making sure to remove any grease or residue.
  • To clean the nozzle and base of the device, simply use a soft, slightly damp cloth and then wipe them dry.


Note: If you have sensitive skin, are taking a dermatologist-related medication or are undergoing treatment, are pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions, please consult your physician before using our Facial Steamer.
  • This steamer is only meant for domestic or private use
  • Vanity Planet can't be held responsible for damage caused by using this steamer incorrectly
  • Keep out of reach of children under eight years old
  • Children over the age of eight should be supervised when using this steamer
  • Children should not clean this steamer
  • If the AC adapter is damaged, it will need to be repaired by the manufacturer or Customer Experience to avoid any risk of injury or damage to the device
  • Make sure that this steamer and the AC adapter aren't damaged before trying to use them
  • Before connecting the steamer to an outlet, make sure that the voltage is compatible with the device
  • Do not shake or handle the steamer while it's being used
  • Do not use the steamer under a towel, blanket, etc.
  • Remove jewelry before beginning your detoxifying session
  • If you experience pain or discomfort during your session, immediately stop the session and consult your physician
  • Immediately disconnect the device and contact a qualified professional if it falls into water
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