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Instrumentos para el cuidado de la piel

Incorporate skin care tools and devices from CVS into your skin care regimen and be blown away by the results. If you have been keeping up with a daily skin care routine and haven't seen the results you were expecting, it is probably because you are not using the right skin care tools. While using your fingers to wash your face may be quick and easy, you are ultimately wasting product, as that method is not effective. It is essential to deeply massage your skin care products into your skin, and that is something that you cannot achieve with just your hands. Start getting the most out of your skin care products and see the results you have been dying to see with skin care tools and devices from CVS!

What Is a Face Brush Used For?

Face brushes give you the ability to work your face products into your skin better than you can with just your fingers. The bristles gently exfoliar your skin while removing dirt, oil, and makeup. There are many different types of face brushes offered at CVS. A face brush can be used in combination with your favorite face wash. To work the product into your skin, move the facial brush in circular motions. An electric face brush does most of the work for you by spinning to deeply clean and unclog your pores while thoroughly massaging your cleanser into your skin. You can also purchase replacement brush heads for when you need to change the brush head out. A vibrating silicone face brush is great for stimulating blood flow, which results in tighter, healthier looking skin.

Skin Exfoliation Tools

Face brushes are not the only skin care tools you should incorporate into your skin care routine. There are so many skin care tools that can give you the same results that you would get from a professional facial, at a much lower cost. One of the most popular skin treatments is derma rolling. If you don't already know, dermarolling is a skin needling treatment. Dermarolling involves using a derma roller, which is a cylinder with a bunch of tiny needles sticking out of it. When you roll the face roller on your skin, it creates tiny punctures, which leads to the production of new skin protein that will be stronger and healthier. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, premature aging, or acne, microneedling is definitely something that you should consider!

At Home Skin Care Devices

Depending on what you are trying to achieve in your skin care routine, depends on the type of skin care tools you need. Want a tool to unclog your pores and prevent breakouts? An electric face brush is great for acne prone skin. Looking for tighter, younger looking skin? Try using a derma roller. But, if you are just looking for a simple product to enhance your skin care routine, start with a regular facial brush and work your way up from there! These products do not even scrape the surface of all of the different skin care tools that we have to offer. To find out more, explore, read reviews and find the perfect skin care tools for you at CVS!

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