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Tweezers & Brow Tools

CVS has all the tools you need to groom your eyebrows to perfection. There are only 3 simple steps to getting the perfect eyebrows! You will need tweezers, an eyebrow razor, and eyebrow scissors. Don't be intimidated if you've never done your own eyebrows - it's easier than you may think!

Step 1: Shape Eyebrows

The first step to getting perfect eyebrows is to map out the best eyebrow shape for your face shape. There are so many different eyebrow shapes - from flat brows to arched ones. Brow shaping is different from face to face so follow these steps to find the perfect eyebrow shape for you! For this step, all you need is an eyebrow pencil. Find the start of your eyebrows by holding the eyebrow pencil vertically from the end your nostril. Draw a line where the pencil ends up - that will be the start of your brow. To find the arch, move the pencil along your brow (keeping the other end at your nostril) until you reach your pupil. Make a mark where the pencil extends past your eye. Lastly, find where the tail of your brow will end by moving the brush until you reach the outer corner of your eye and mark where the pencil points to. Now, you should have 3 markings on your brow and you're ready to move onto the next step!

Step 2: Tweeze

Once you figured out what eyebrow shape is most flattering for your face, grab your favorite eyebrow tweezers and get to plucking! Pluck anything that falls outside of the markings you made in the previous step. If the thought of tweezing your eyebrows seems really painful, don't worry, you're not alone. A little trick is to tweeze your eyebrows right when you get out of the shower and it will hurt a lot less. This is because the hot water softens your hair follicles and opens your pores, making it a lot easier to pull the hair out. The key to plucking is to just tweeze away hairs outside of your markings and to be careful not to over pluck. If you're having difficulty seeing the brow hairs, try using tweezers with lights!

Step 3: Trim & Perfect

The last step is to trim your eyebrows with eyebrow scissors. Brush up the front part of your eyebrows and cautiously trim down any hairs that make your brows look uneven. For the tail end, brush the hairs down and snip away long hairs. Use an eyebrow razor to remove any excess hair above your eyebrows and along your hairline. If you have any bald spots you want to fill in, use eyebrow powder for a natural look. If you're going full glam, use brow gel liner to further define your eyebrows!

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