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Fragrance can impact both your mood throughout the day and how others around you perceive you. With the right fragrance, you can make a lasting impression and set yourself apart. Whether you're shopping for a favorite fragrance, wanting to try out a new signature scent or looking for a gift for someone special, CVS can help you easily shop for fragrances for him and her online. The selection of fragrances includes floral, citrus, fruity, woodsy, spicy and fresh perfumes for women and colognes for men from top brands.

Options for Him and Her

Generally, fragrance products are formulated specifically for men or for women; however, some fragrance designers do offer unisex products that can suit both men and women. Fragrances for women are often referred to as perfume, while scents for men are typically called cologne. Once you have chosen either perfume for women or cologne for men, you can refine your search further and shop by brand, bottle size, form, scent type and more.

Understanding Fragrance Types

As you shop for fragrance products, you'll see that perfume and cologne products are divided into different type categories. Understanding the differences between these categories will make it easier for you to choose a fragrance product to purchase. Eau de parfums contain the highest concentration of fragrance oils, making them the strongest smelling, longest lasting and most expensive. Typically, about one-fifth of the content of an eau de parfum is fragrance oil. For something slightly lighter, you can opt for an eau de toilette, which is usually 5 to 15 percent fragrance. Eau de cologne products are even lighter with roughly 4 percent fragrance oil. Body sprays and eau fraiche products have the subtlest scents getting less than 3 percent of their volume from fragrance ingredients. Some people prefer to wear heavier scents like eau de parfum in the winter and lighter scents in the summer. You may also wish to wear a stronger perfume or cologne at night and a subtler scent at work.

Interpreting Scent Descriptions

Since you can't smell a perfume or cologne when you're shopping online, you'll need to rely on the written descriptions to get an idea of what you can expect when shopping for fragrance products. Fragrances are described in terms of their notes, the individual scents that are featured in their formulas. Top notes are what you smell first. These scents fade rather quickly to mid notes. Perfumes and cologne then deepen to base notes that last for hours after application.

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