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Certain Dri - Antitranspirante de bolita, Prescription Strength
Certain Dri - Antitranspirante de bolita, Prescription Strength
Certain Dri
$7.91 / oz.
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Deodorant With Aluminum Chloride 

Deodorant with aluminum chloride has antiperspirant properties that help you avoid unwanted body odor and reduce excessive sweating.  

What are the Best Aluminum Chloride Deodorant Brands?

Why Use Deodorant With Aluminum Chloride?

Aluminum is the key ingredient in antiperspirants. While many use the terms "deodorant" and "antiperspirant" interchangeably, they have slightly different effects. Desodorantes work by covering up the scent of body odor, while antiperspirants work by clogging up your sweat pores, causing your body to produce less sweat. This indirectly produces less body odor since the interaction of sweat and bacteria on your skin is what causes the scent.  

The FDA considers deodorant to be a cosmetic product and antiperspirant to be an over-the-counter drug. Many products, such as Mitchum antiperspirant and deodorant, combine the benefits of both.  

Anybody who's looking to sweat less can benefit from using an antiperspirant with aluminum chloride. Antiperspirants are particularly useful for the roughly 5% of people who experience hyperhidrosis, a disorder that causes them to produce excessive amounts of sweat even without the presence of normal triggers, such as heat and exercise. 

What Deodorants Have Aluminum Chloride?

Any deodorant marketed as a combination antiperspirant and deodorant has aluminum-based ingredients. Top-rated sticks and solids with aluminum chloride include Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant and deodorant, while top-rated roll-on deodorants with aluminum chloride include Certain Dri Prescription Strength roll-on deodorant.  

Antiperspirants with aluminum chloride may cause mild skin irritation for roughly 1% of the adult population. If you find that aluminum is an allergen for you, try a deodorant-only formulation, such as those in the Arm & Hammer's Essentials line. 

How Do I Use Deodorant With Aluminum Chloride?

In terms of physical application, there's no significant difference between the way you use deodorant with aluminum chloride and deodorant without antiperspirant properties. Solid stick, clear and gel, and roll-on deodorants are applied directly to the skin. Deodorant sprays should be applied from a distance of roughly 6 inches. 

While the deodorizing effect is immediate, the aluminum chloride in antiperspirants needs time to close up your sweat pores. For that reason, it's best to apply antiperspirant deodorant before you go to bed at night. If you instead put it on as part of your morning routine, the antiperspirant may not take effect until the afternoon.

Antiperspirant also works best when applied to clean and dry skin. For best results, take a bath or shower before bed, and towel off completely before putting on your antiperspirant.