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Hair Serum With Castor Oil

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Sky Organics - Aceite de ricino orgánico hidratante para pestañas, cabello y piel, 16 oz
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Hair Serum With Castor Oil

Tame frizz and quench your dry hair using hair serum with castor oil. The intensive moisturization from castor oil helps hydrate even extremely dry strands, restoring their shine and elasticity.

What are the Best Hair Serum With Castor Oil Brands?

Where to Apply Hair Serum With Castor Oil

Castor oil is believed to aid hair growth, with many people noticing much faster growth when they apply it to their scalp daily. If your hair grows slowly, and you'd like to achieve a longer style, it may be helpful to use castor oil serum for hair growth by focusing it on your scalp rather than your strands.

Dry hair also benefits from castor oil. It may work best for this purpose when applied to your hair's driest areas. Typically, this is the end of each strand, so using a serum on the last inch or two of your tresses may help reduce dryness without impacting your hair's body or movement.

To experience the benefits of castor oil for styling, such as straighter, smoother hair and reduced frizz, apply a small amount all over but primarily on your lengths and ends. Using a serum on your root area can help flatten your hair, but it should be avoided if you want to encourage more volume.

How to Use Hair Serum With Castor Oil

You can use castor oil hair serums in several ways to help ease dryness and frizz, strengthen your hair or achieve shinier curls. 

To fight dryness and frizz, apply a hair serum while your hair is still damp, right after washing it with a shampoo for frizzy hair and moisturizing it with a acondicionador profundo. Brush your tresses and allow them to air dry undisturbed, or blow-dry using the concentrator nozzle, following the direction of hair growth for incredibly manageable and smooth locks. 

To aid in straightening or curling, apply castor oil serum to the lengths and ends of your dry hair. Brush or comb your hair to help distribute it evenly, then wait a few minutes to let it absorb before using heated styling tools.

You can also reapply castor oil hair serum throughout the day to help manage dryness and flyaways. To do this, take a drop or two, rub it through your hands and gently pat it across your hair, focusing on any dry areas.

Where Can You Buy Hair Serum With Castor Oil?

CVS Pharmacy has serums with castor oil, aceite de argán, coconut oil and other effective moisturizers that can help your tresses look and feel better. We stock many highly rated products, such as Sky Organics Organic moisturizing castor oil, making it easy for you to support growth and achieve shinier, smoother-looking hairstyles.