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Snapple Diet Peach Tea Natural Black, .41 OZ 6 CT
Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng, 128 oz
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What are the Best Diet Tea Brands?

What Is Diet Tea?

There are so many methods to try and shed a few extra pounds or kick start a new diet, and CVS has a way in which you can still enjoy a delicious beverage on your journey towards a healthier body and mind. Tucked amongst your favorite teas in the beverage aisle and online are diet teas which can aid in your endeavors to lose weight and may help accelerate your efforts to burn fat. Some teas seek to increase your metabolism, others suppress your appetite, while some work by helping you rid excess water or waste in your body, and come in tea form or as an additive to your favorite tea beverage. The addition of caffeine to your drink of choice can also boost your energy, incentivizing your body to burn more fat.

What Is the Best Diet Tea? 

Because various teas work in different ways, it is important to match the type of tea up with your goals. Keep in mind to read the ingredient lists to see if it is caffeinated, contains antioxidants, offers probiotics, and if the powder or tea is in a flavor you will enjoy regularly.