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Eye Cream With SPF

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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Eye Cream, 0.5 OZ
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Eye Cream With SPF

Eye cream with SPF provides nourishing moisture to the delicate skin around your eyes while shielding it from harmful UV rays. This eye cream product can help keep your skin looking smooth. Choosing an under-eye cream with SPF from CVS can complement the rest of your skin care routine to keep your face looking fresh and hydrated.

What are the Best Eye Cream With SPF Brands?

Can I Use Eye Cream With SPF at Night?

While you can use eye cream with SPF at night, there is no benefit to doing so. The main purpose of using face products that contain SPF is to protect your skin from UV rays, which you only encounter during the day. Having different skin care products for daytime and nighttime helps give your skin what it needs.

Daytime products are often formulated to moisturize and provide sun protection. Nighttime formulas are often deeply moisturizing and focus on repairing or restoring the skin. They're typically more concentrated with more emollients than daytime products to offer increased hydration. For effective results, use SPF eye cream during the day and grab a nighttime crema para ojos to use before bed. 

How to Use Eye Cream With SPF

Always read the package instructions before using eye cream with SPF, as different products often vary in their recommended usage. Use your selected facial cleansing product first to start with fresh, clean skin. Dab the skin dry and apply the eye using the following steps:

  • Dip your ring finger into the eye cream to get a pea-sized amount. 

  • Dab the cream gently on the skin surrounding your eyes, avoiding getting too close to your lashes and eyes. 

  • Continue patting gently to help the cream absorb into the skin, but avoid rubbing your finger across the delicate skin. 

  • Let the cream dry before continuing your skin care and makeup routine.  

Eye cream is usually one of the first steps in your routine, followed by your facial moisturizer, sunscreen and cosmetics. 

Where to Buy Eye Cream With SPF

Most retailers that sell any type of eye cream or skin care products also offer an eye cream option that contains SPF. CVS offers SPF eye cream online and in stores, with a variety of options available. Tinted eye cream with SPF can help mask puffiness or dark circles under your eyes, making it a versatile beauty tool to have on hand. You can also find eye cream options for specific concerns to match your desired outcome, such as those with anti-aging properties or formulas designed to reduce the appearance of puffiness.