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Desodorante en spray para el cuerpo

Body spray is a great way to ensure that you smell great all day long. The scents in body sprays are typically more noticeable and last longer than fragrances added to deodorants and antiperspirants, but they are not a replacement for these products. Rather, body sprays should be used in addition to deodorants and antiperspirants. In fact, deodorant body spray is designed to help cover up any odors that get through your deodorant stick’s defenses! Knowing that you smell great can help boost your confidence and the extra layer of protection may help you worry less about body odor sneaking through your deodorant. So before you go on that first date or head off to work to give that big presentation for upper management, consider a little body spray.

How To Use Body Spray

Body spray is easy to apply; simply hold the can 6 - 8 inches away from your body and push down on the button to spray. For women, it is recommended to spritz the product lightly on the neck and pulse points. For men, spray around the neck and across the chest. A few sprays are all you need - don't go overboard, as too much body spray can be overwhelming to those around you. Also, remember that the contents of body spray can often be flammable, so never apply it while smoking or near an open flame such as a candle.

Types Of Body Spray

Body spray is available in a wide variety of scents for men and women. Ranging from floral feminine scents to woodsy masculine aromas, our selection offers something for everyone! If you enjoy having a signature scent, body sprays can be a boon for your budget. Typically much less expensive than perfume and cologne, body spray makes an affordable alternative that is ideal for everyday use. Without breaking the bank, you can try out different scents until you find a single favorite or choose a few signature scents to rotate throughout the year. For those with sensitive skin, do a skin patch test first and consider only spraying the product on your clothes, not bare skin. Stop use if a rash occurs and never use body spray on broken skin. You'll also want to be very careful not to inhale or spray the product into your eyes when applying.

Body spray for men and women is a very versatile product that you can really make your own. Use it everyday as a signature scent or as a failsafe for your deodorant, or only wear it on special occasions. Rotate between a varieties of fragrances or choose one signature scent for everyday use. Be creative and make body spray work for your lifestyle!

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