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Bee and Flower Soaps Ginseng, Case of 12, 12CT

Bee and Flower Soaps Ginseng,Case of 12, 12CT
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Bee and Flower Soaps Ginseng, Case of 12, 12CT
12 u., 2.33 lb. N.° de artículo 419699

Bee and flower soap ginseng is a gentle soap from Shanghai, China that is hand-milled for long soap life. It contains no artificial fragrances and is highly effective in preserving moisture and making you feel smooth and comfortable after use. With delightful and lasting fragrance.

  • Free of artificial fragrances.

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Ingredients: Anhydrous soap (sodium oleate) 86%, perfume 1.7%, inorganic matter (free caustic alkali, free sodium carbonate, sodium chloride & sodium silicate) 1.3%, trace of coloring agent and balance moisture (glycerin).
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