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Lip Balm With Lanolin

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Lip Balm With Lanolin to Soften and Soothe 

If your lips are feeling dry or cracked, lip balm with lanolin may be one solution. These formulas are designed to hydrate the skin and reduce your discomfort, so you can go about your normal activities. You can also use lip balms with lanolin to protect your lips when you're outside in extreme weather conditions.

What are the Best Lip Balm With Lanolin Brands?

What Lip Balms Have Lanolin?

You can find lanolin in a broad range of lip balms. It's often an ingredient in products that have a soothing or restorative effect, including Blistex Deep Renewal. Since lanolin is naturally occurring, brands often use it as part of non-synthetic formulas. Burt's Bees lip balm combines lanolin with jojoba and meadowfoam oils to create a powerful moisturizing effect. 

What Does Lanolin Do for Lip Balm?

Lanolin is a type of waxy oil that comes from wool. It has moisturizing and conditioning properties, so it's often added to lip balm to coat lips and prevent dryness. The smooth, easy-to-spread consistency also helps the balm glide smoothly across your skin. Because lanolin has such a soothing effect, you can also find it in products such as Bag Balm skin moisturizer y CeraVe skin protectant

Does Lanolin Lip Balm Help With Chapped Lips?

Lanolin is an emollient, so it's often used in lip balms that are formulated to help with chapped lips. The oils help hydrate dry and flaking skin, which can speed up the healing process. Some chapped-lips products use lanolin; others, including Aquaphor Lip Repair and eos lip balm, use moisturizers such as shea butter. 

How Do You Use a Lip Balm Containing Lanolin?

Any time you're using a lip product with lanolin from brands such as Burt's Bees, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Most products are designed for frequent use, so you can usually apply them any time your lips feel dry. It can be helpful to apply bálsamo labial before you go out into windy or dry weather. The waxy substance helps lock in moisture, which can help prevent chapping and dehydration.

Since lanolin comes from sheep's wool, it can cause a reaction in people who have wool allergies. Consult your doctor for individual usage recommendations.