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FridaBaby NoseFrida Saline Kit, 1 CT
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NeilMed Sparkling Seawater Saline, 4.2OZ
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Solución salina

It's a good idea to have some saline solution handy at home. Saline has many uses, including rinsing contact lenses, getting relief from a stuffed-up nose, and cleaning piercings. A normal saline solution is water that contains 0.9 percent salt.

Saline Nasal Spray

Help get relief from the symptoms of sinusitis, colds, and allergies with saline. If your nasal passages are stuffed up from an allergy or a bout of cold, irrigating with saline solution can help you breathe easier. Nasal irrigation washes out excess mucus and bacteria and helps to moisturize the nose and sinuses, which can help prevent infections. Using a neti pot or nasal bulb can make it easier to do nasal irrigation with saline.

Saline Solution

Saline can help clean small cuts and scrapes. Use saline to help flush out foreign material and bacteria from simple wounds. The standard saline solution does not sting or burn. Washing out wounds with saline can also clears away dead skin cells and secretions. Saline helps clear away dead cells and other debris that might cause irritation and lead to crustiness and bumps.

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