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Home Lifts

Home lifts are assistive devices designed to help people with mobility issues. There are many different types of home lifts available, so the type you choose will depend on a variety of factors. The weight capacity of your home lift is important and may range between a maximum of 340 to as high as 700 pounds to accommodate heavier people. Look for home lifts that offer a wide range of heights so that they reach high and low enough if someone falls to the floor. The higher the lift, the higher it can reach taller beds and thicker mattresses. If you choose an electric home lift, make sure it includes an emergency feature to stop the motor should an emergency arise.

Transport Slings

Transport slings are designed to help a caregiver move a patient from one area to another. These slings are usually padded and can be made to support the entire body. You can also find disposable transport slings, divided leg slings, and mesh bathing slings that help patients take a bath without getting a traditional sling soaked with water. Always check the size and the maximum weight capacity of transport slings before choosing one to suit your needs. These products are made of durable materials and should be easy to clean and sanitize.

Leg Lifter

A leg lifter helps someone lift their leg onto a bed, wheelchair, or into a car. These helpful aids are designed to use the arms as a mobility aid. They're often used by people who have had a recent hip replacement, have leg pain, or for those who simply have a limited range of motion. The leg lifter is operated by the person using it, and it's designed to help those who have enough arm strength to use the device to help lift their legs up and onto a bed or other surface.

Medical Slings

Medical slings are designed to help move a patient from one place to another easily. These slings can be used to move the entire body, or they may be used to help someone move the lower half of someone up so they can get into bed or sit on a chair. Always choose medical slings made of durable, reliable materials and make sure that they can support the weight of the person using them. You can find medical slings online to use at home, but they're often utilized by professional staff at hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers to transport patients.

What are the Best Medical Lifts & Slings Brands?

How To Use A Transport Sling

Transfer to a wheelchair or bed is easily accomplished with a sling. First, slide the back support behind the person using the sling. Loop the straps around the patient's leg. Attach the straps to the lift cradle. Raise the person up. Transport them to the desired location. In order to remove them from the sling, do the same steps in reverse order.

What Is A Medical Sling For? 

A transport sling is used to transfer or lift a person with minimal weight-bearing capacity. Patients who can sit up, even only a little, are good candidates for using a medical sling. The person being transported should still have full control of their head and neck as well as the ability to bend at the hip and knees. This is not a replacement for an apparatus used to move a person when they are unconscious.