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Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aromatherapy is a natural tradition that may promote health and well-being through scent. Proponents of aromatherapy believe that certain scents trigger responses in the brain and body and that these responses may improve mood, ease stress, and address certain symptoms. There are a number of ways that you can benefit from aromatherapy at home. Diffusers are one popular delivery method for aromatherapy, and you can find a diverse assortment of these devices at CVS. Explore the selection of diffusers now and find the best option for your home use.

What Is A Diffuser?

Typically, highly concentrated extracts from plants called aceites esenciales are used for aromatherapy. A diffuser is a device that releases the essence of essential oils into the air, so that the scent fills the surrounding area. Some diffusers provide a continuous stream of scent until turned off. Others have a timer feature that allows them to turn on and off automatically. You can also find diffusers that release small spritzes of essential oils, like aceite de menta, at set intervals during the day.

How Do Diffusers Work?

There are two main types of diffusers: thermal and ultrasonic. A thermal diffuser contains a heating element that raises the temperature of essential oils. When the essential oils reach a certain temperature, steam escapes from the diffuser. Thermal diffusers are usually quiet and can give off large volumes of steam. Ultrasonic diffusers do not contain a heating element and are preferred by some people as a result. When you turn an ultrasonic diffuser on, a motor in the device allows it to produce rapid vibrations that convert liquid essential oil into a light vapor or mist.

Benefits Of Diffusers

Diffusers make it possible to experience aromatherapy simply by spending time in a room of your home. The scent given off by diffusers is more noticeable than what is emitted from some other methods of aromatherapy like dry evaporation, and the fragrance lingers for longer than it does with a spritz or spray. Plus, diffusers can double as air fresheners, masking unpleasant odors in your home.

Diffuser vs. Humidifier

In general, diffusers are designed to diffuse essential oils throughout the air. Humidifiers on the other hand, are usually larger devices that help regulate moisture in the air by spreading water droplets throughout the air. There are devices that can diffuse essential oils and humidify the air at the same time.

How To Diffuse Essential Oils

Before using your new diffuser, be sure to read the directions for use carefully. It's important that you follow these instructions to ensure that your diffuser functions properly and safely. Some diffusers may need regular cleaning and maintenance. Following the care guidelines provided by the manufacturers can help you get the most out of your diffuser and ensure that the device lasts for as long as possible.

How To Clean A Diffuser

There are several ways you can clean your diffuser. With the diffuser unplugged, start by cleaning out the water tank with a damp cloth. There should be a small ultrasonic chip inside the water tank. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe down the chip. If you can't find the chip, consult the instruction manual. You can also do a deep clean using white vinegar mixed with water.