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If you're craving something sweet, a cookie is the perfect treat to reach for. Cookies are desserts that are made out of dough and then baked in the oven until they are either slightly moist and gooey or crunchy and crisp. CVS has a huge selection of cookies waiting to be discovered. You can shop the full product assortment, find your favorite cookies, complete your purchase and have your order shipped to your door.

Cookies to Share

Cookies can be a great treat to share with friends and family. You can serve cookies alongside coffee or tea as a snack, offer them for dessert after a meal or arrange them on a tray or platter when you're entertaining a crowd. Some cookies are designed specifically for sharing. These products come in packages that include multiple servings of cookies. Packaging options include packages, wrapped plastic trays and bags. If you don't think that you'll finish an entire package in one sitting, look for resealable options that help to keep cookies fresh after opening.

Prepackaged Cookies

When your sweet tooth is begging for a treat, cookies are sure to satisfy. Single serving cookies are an excellent option for snacking at home and on the go. With these sweets, you get just enough cookies for one serving in a bag, box or plastic container. This helps to control portion size and ensures that you don't over indulge on goodies. Plus, single serving cookies are easy to travel with, making them great for lunches at school and work as well as for taking with you for picnics and long trips.

Want to give someone special a delicious gift? Cookies are sure to be a sweet surprise. Some cookies are packaged specifically with gift giving in mind and make especially good presents. Often, the cookies come in metal tins rather than boxes or bags. After the recipient of your gift has enjoyed the cookies, he or she can wash and reuse the tin to store baked goods and other foods in their pantry.

Sugar Free & Gluten Free Cookies

At CVS, you'll find cookies that are ideal for a wide range of diets. If you're trying to eat a clean diet, look for cookies that are organic or all natural. People with dietary restrictions can easily find cookies that are dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, low sodium, vegetarian and more.

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