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Best Calcium Supplement

Has your doctor recommended that you add a calcium supplement to your diet? CVS can help you find the best calcium supplement for your needs. This product selection includes a wide range of calcium supplements in different doses and forms. You can shop the entire selection or filter the products to quickly narrow down the options.

What Is Calcium?

Calcium is a mineral that your body requires but cannot manufacture on its own. Your body can absorb calcium from dairy products, vegetables, meats, seafood, legumes and other foods. Many people do not get enough calcium from diet alone and take supplements in order to increase their supply of the mineral. Postmenopausal women, vegans and people with lactose intolerance and milk allergies are especially at risk for calcium deficiency.

What Does Calcium Do?

In the human body, calcium has a number of important jobs. The mineral is necessary for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth and is needed for the proper functioning of the heart, muscles and nerves. Often, doctors recommend calcium for older adults who are at risk for developing bone loss and osteoporosis. Additionally, health care providers may suggest calcium supplements for heart health, kidney stones, weight management and other concerns. Your medical provider can help you decide if a calcium supplement is right for you and recommend the right dose for your needs.

What Is The Best Form Of Calcium To Take?

There are a number of different types of calcium that are used in calcium supplements. Calcium carbonate is a popular, economical choice that is usually taken with food. Calcium citrate supplements are slightly more expensive but can be taken with or without food for added convenience. You can also find supplements that contain calcium gluconate and calcium lactate. Some other supplements include calcium with vitamin d. This essential vitamin helps the human body properly absorb and utilize calcium.

How Much Calcium Per Day?

Calcium dosages are measured in milligrams (mg). Supplements may contain anywhere from 100 to 2000mg of calcium per serving. It's a good idea to begin your search by focusing on the products that offer the right amount of calcium for your needs. Then, you can compare the forms available and choose the one that will be the easiest for you to take. Manufacturers offer calcium supplements in tablet, capsule, softgel, caplet, liquid, gummies, chewable and powder forms. Slow release formulas that gradually release small amounts of calcium over an extended period of time are available in addition to conventional options. Vegetarian Calcium options are also available.