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Body Solid Best Fitness AB Board Hyperextension, 49.5 in. x 29 in.

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Body Solid Best Fitness AB Board Hyperextension, 49.5 in. x 29 in.

1 u., .36 lb. N.° de artículo: 782508

The back hyperextension works comfortably from a standing position, providing a low-impact back workout, while the ab crunches will help you build abdominal muscles that are crucial to maintaining lumbar spine strength. The stronger these muscles are, the more support and stability they can provide.
The BFHYP10 Total Core Trainer provides you with the inclination (and motivation) to keep your abs and lower back strong and tight, and a strong lower back is a healthy and pain-free lower back. Plus, a strong lower back is essential to stabilizing your torso and preventing injury.

  • Dimensions: 49.5 in. Length x 29 in. Width x 32 in. Height.
  • A flatter stomach.
  • Better defined abs.
  • Well developed obliques.
  • A straighter, more upright posture.
  • Improved breathing.
  • Greater support for your spine.
  • The reduction or elimination of lower back pain.
  • A more trim, better looking body.
  • Improve flexibility.
  • 6 Position hyperextension support and 3-position lower leg support provide a wide range of variability to your workouts.
  • 6 in. and 4 in. High-density foam roller pads plus rubber-gripped positioning handles ensure a comfortable, secure workout.
  • Minimal assembly required.
  • Weight: 30 LB.
  • Warranty: 3 Years on frame and 1 year on all parts.

ProblemaOverall wellness
Tipo de productoBench & boards
Assembly steps: 1.Position bench on it's side and extend front and rear support frame and. 2. Install removable safety pins if repeated adjustments and storage position is desired or install bolts, washers and nylon nuts for permanent leg positioning. 3. The adjustable ankle roller frame must pivot into two positions for the Ab bench and Hyp bench configuarations. Install thr ankle roller frame onto the front support frame with bolts, washers and nuts. Use one set of the top 3 holes on the roller frame for bolt position. The hole set directly below the pivot bolt will be used for removable pop pin. The pop pin will lock the ankle roller into positions for either Ab bench or the Hyp bench configuaration. Install the 100 x 200 roller onto the ankle roller frame. When the bench assembly is complete, the roller frame may be readjusted for better fit. 4. Install upper roller bar into adjustable upper frame and install the foam rollers and hand grips on either side of the upper frame. Install bolts, washers and nylon nuts to secure roller bar in frame. Install completed adjustable upper frame into front support frame and use locking pop pin to set prefered height. Tighten locking pop pin untill adjustable upper frame is secure. 5. Make sure all fasteners are tight and pop pins are secure before still on bench. The Hyp bench configuaration raise the upper rollers to a position that allows your pelvis to be supported during exerecise. In the Ab Bench configuaration, lower the upper rollers so when positioned under your knees.The front of your feet will reach the ankle rollers.Always be careful when repositionng legs.

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