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CURAD + Retail vinyl lace-up ankle splints + lace-up

CURAD + Retail vinyl lace-up ankle splints + lace-up
1 c/u, 55 lb. N.º de artículo 391176

Elegible para HSA/FSA

Curad Lace-Up Vinyl Ankle Splint immobilizes weak ankles. Vinyl splint is a flexible, breathable material that grants full range of movement while providing great ankle stability. Perfect for athletes with ankle instability or anyone with a mild to moderate ankle sprain. Metal stays on both sides of ankle for total support. Great for athletes to wear to prevent ankle injuries. Will fit on either the right or left ankle.


CURAD Retail Vinyl Lace-Up Ankle Splints: Vinyl

CURAD Lace-Up Ankle Support

INTENDED USE: To provide support for weak or injured ankles. Ideal for mild or moderate sprains and ankle instability.

PREPARE: Loosen the laces. Brace is recommended to be worn over a sock.

APPLY: Slide the CURAD Lace-Up Vinyl Ankle Brace onto the desired ankle. Tighten the laces from bottom to top.

ADJUST: Readjust the laces product should not be so tight that it is uncomfortable.


The ankle brace should provide compression but should not be so tight that it restricts circulation. Consult physician or therapist if experiencing pain or swelling.
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