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CVS Health - Oxímetro de pulso portátil


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CVS Health - Oxímetro de pulso portátil
1 C/U, 0.31 lb. N.° de artículo: 814854

HSA/FSA Eligible

  • Read from all sides
  • One-button operation
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Automatic power off
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries
  • Measures: oxygen level, pulse rate

The CVS Health Pulse Oximeter is designed to help you get easy, fast readings for your oxygen levels and pulse rate to help monitor a variety of conditions. This lightweight and reliable device features a comfortable, slip-resistant fit so it stays put as you take the reading. The unit also boasts a high definition display that's easy to read so you can quickly check your oxygen level and pulse rate as needed.

The convenient design of this pulse oximeter allows you to read it from all sides, and the one-button operation makes it a cinch to use. Adjustable brightness helps you see the numbers clearly even in low light. An automatic power-off feature turns the unit off to save battery power. It requires two AAA batteries, which are included. This item is Flexible Spending Account (FSA) eligible.

When using your CVS Health Pulse Oximeter, keep your hands still in order to get the most accurate results. Place one of your fingers inside to the end, then press down on the switch button once, located on the front panel, to turn the unit on. This device includes a handy lanyard so you can hang it up for storage or take it with you anywhere. Simply tie the lanyard through the hole in the rear of the unit. Always read the instructions fully and carefully before use to ensure that you're receiving the most accurate readings possible. Please contact your healthcare provider if your are experiencing any unusual symptoms related to breathing or if your readings are outside of ranges established by your healthcare provider.

ProblemaLung health
Tipo de productoOximeters

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For best results, keep hands still while taking a reading.
Note: Fingernail polish and acrylic nails may result in inaccurate readings. In this case, turn your finger 90 degrees so the light shines through the sides of your finger and not through the nail.

To Operate: Place one of your fingers into the Pulse Oximeter to the end and press the switch button one time on front panel to turn it on.
Lanyard Installation: Tie the lanyard through the hole in the rear of the Pulse Oximeter.

Complete instructions included.
Read instructions carefully before use

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What is a pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a handheld, clip-like electronic device designed to measure the oxygen level of your blood, and your heart rate. Although sometimes considered a heart rate monitor, it is somewhat different.

How does a pulse oximeter work?

A pulse oximeter works by shining small beams of light into the skin and measuring the amount that passes through the blood. The sensor calculates the level of oxygen available since oxygenated and deoxygenated blood absorbs light to different degrees. The process is non-invasive and get you results quickly.

What does a pulse oximeter measure?

One of the many essential functions of blood is absorbing oxygen from the air breathed in through the lungs, and carrying it to cells via the blood vessels. A pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation levels in your blood. It is a way to check how well the heart is pumping oxygen throughout your body. It also measures your heart rate.

How to read a pulse oximeter?

To get the most accurate reading, follow the directions on the package closely. There are two numbers on the screen: The oxygen saturation percentage is above, and the heart rate shown below as beats-per-minute. A saturation level of 95-100% is considered normal for typical healthy individuals.

Are pulse oximeters accurate?

Oxygen level readings by a pulse oximeter are typically with a margin of 2% over or under what the number would be when measured by arterial gas saturation testing method. For example, if the reading is 93% on the pulse oximeter, the actual oxygen level might be somewhere between 91 to 95%. Keep your hands still during the measurement. Body motion or temperature can impact accuracy. Readings may be less accurate if a person is wearing nail polish or artificial nails, and places the sensor over the nail. Accuracy can also be affected by cold hands or poor circulation.

CVS Health - Oxímetro de pulso portátil