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Chicle de nicotina

4mg strength

Use if you smoke your first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up.

2mg strength

Use if you smoke your first cigarette more than 30 minutes after waking up.

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Chicle de nicotina

Ready to kick the habit? Using nicotine gum may increase your chances of success when quitting smoking. CVS makes it easy to stock up on nicotine gum with a diverse assortment of products that you can purchase online as well as in stores.

What Is Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

When you quit smoking, you're likely to experience withdrawal symptoms and cravings due to your body's dependence on nicotine, a drug found in cigarettes. Nicotine replacement therapy can ease these problems and help you avoid smoking by giving you small amounts of nicotine. Over time, you can reduce your use of nicotine replacement therapy products and then discontinue completely.

What Is Nicotine Gum?

Nicotine gum is a nicotine replacement therapy product that looks similar to chewing gum. To use the gum, you place one piece in your mouth and chew until you notice a pepper-like taste. Then, you position the gum between your gums and your cheek to help the nicotine become absorbed. In most cases, nicotine gum should can be used for up to 12 weeks. Most people begin by chewing one to two pieces of gum per hour, using a maximum of 20 pieces per day.

Benefits of Nicotine Gum

One of the biggest benefits of nicotine gum is the speed with which you'll get relief. Nicotine gum works very quickly to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Some people find that the act of chewing the gum also reduces cravings by giving them something to do with their mouths.

Nicotine Gum Dosage

Nicotine gum is offered in two strengths: 2 milligrams and 4 milligrams. Typically, people who smoke 25 cigarettes or more per day begin with the 4-milligram dose and then progress to the 2-milligram dose. Lighter smokers may find the 2-milligram dose adequate from the start. Once you have focused on the products that are the right strength for you, you can compare the flavors of the gum. You can also consider the size of the packages that are available.

Nicotine Gum Side Effects

Nicotine gum does have the potential to cause side effects, such as throat irritation, mouth sores, hiccups and nausea. In addition, the gum has the potential to damage dental work. Before using nicotine gum, you should consult your medical provider to find out if this type of nicotine replacement therapy product is right for you. Only use the gum as directed by the manufacturer or your health care provider to ensure best results.


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