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Navage Nasal Care Eucalyptus SaltPod, 30 CT


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Navage Nasal Care Eucalyptus SaltPod, 30 CT
30 u., 2.9 lb. N.° de artículo 113698
  • Contains 30 Naväge Eucalytpus SaltPod Capsules.
  • Eucalyptus SaltPods cool, refresh, and moisturize your sinuses with an exhilarating aromatic sensation
  • Scientifically formulated concentrate of pharmaceutical-grade sea salt and purified water for the perfect nasal rinse.
  • Saline nasal irrigation is clinically proven to relieve sinus congestion caused by allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, the common cold, dry air, dust, and pollution.
  • Naväge SaltPods have a laboratory validated shelf life of 4+ years.
  • Naväge SaltPods make cleaning your nose as easy as brushing your teeth.
  • Nasal irrigation is Nature's Decongestant® providing fast natural relief from congestion without prescription drugs.
  • Naväge helps flush out allergens, mucus, bacteria, and viruses so you can breathe better, sleep deeper, snore less, and feel healthier.
  • Breathe better now, breathe better forever!
  • The Naväge System is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use by children ages 12 and older.


  • The Naväge Nose Cleaner operates exclusively with Naväge SaltPod capsules to provide a soothing, refreshing, perfectly-balanced saline rinse every time.
  • Naväge SaltPods contain a scientifically formulated solution that combines pharmaceutical grade sea salt and purified water. One SaltPod yields 8 ounces of isotonic saline (0.9% w/v) when mixed with 7.75 ounces of water in the upper tank of the Naväge Nose Cleaner.
  • Naväge SaltPod ® modules are made in the USA of the purest ingredients.


Intended for saline nasal irrigation to help relieve sinus congestion and stuffiness due to sinusitis, allergies, colds flu, dry air, dust, smoke and pollution. Complete operating instructions for the Nävage Nasal Care System are contained in the Nävage Nose Cleaner Owner's Manual and online at


See Naväge Nose Cleaner Owner's Manual for complete list. If you experience pain during use, discontinue immediately and consult a health care professional. The Naväge Nose Cleaner works exclusively with Naväge SaltPods, and only when mixed with 7.75 oz (230 ml) of water.

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Navage Nasal Care Eucalyptus SaltPod, 30 CT