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ResMed Mirage Activa LT Frame System (without headgear), Small


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ResMed Mirage Activa LT Frame System (without headgear), Small
1 C/U, 0.24 lb. N.° de artículo: 162480

ResMed Mirage Activa™ LT frame system (without headgear)

Includes the frame system, elbow and nasal cushion for the ResMed Mirage Activa™ LT nasal CPAP mask. This purchase does not include the Mirage Activa LT headgear.

About the complete ResMed Mirage Activa LT mask system:
• Nose coverage, nasal mask, silicone cushion
• Compact ActiveCell™ technology automatically seals for quick fitting and accommodates a range of movement and therapy pressure changes
• Forehead support design that is a predecessor to today’s popular AirFit™ series
• Prescription required for complete mask system

Tipo de productoSleep apnea masks & accessories

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ResMed Mirage Activa™ LT frame system (without headgear)

Replacing your equipment
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) coverage guidelines allow for regular replacement of masks and accessory parts, like air filters or tubing.
Replacing your mask and accessories as appropriate helps ensure you are receiving the best, most comfortable therapy possible.

When to replace you mask components 

How to clean your mask:  


ResMed Mirage Activa™ LT frame system (without headgear)

Intended Use
The Mirage Activa LT channels airflow noninvasively to a patient from a positive
airway pressure device such as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
or bilevel system.

The Mirage Activa LT is:
• to be used by adult patients (>66 lb/30 kg) for whom positive airway pressure has been prescribed
•intended for single-patient re-use in the home and multipatient re-use in the hospital/institutional environment

Using your mask
When using your mask with ResMed CPAP or bilevel devices that have mask setting options, refer to the Technical specifications section in the user guide for mask selection options. For a full list of compatible devices for this mask, see the Mask/Device Compatibility List on on the Products page under Service & Support.

Mirage Activa™ LT User Guide: 
ResMed product user guides: 

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ResMed Mirage Activa LT Frame System (without headgear)