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Dry Shampoo With Keratin

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Dry Shampoo With Keratin  

Refresh hair between washes by using dry shampoo with keratin. This protein is an important part of the hair's structure and is included in many hair care products.

What are the Best Dry Shampoo With Keratin Brands?

Will Dry Shampoo With Keratin Ruin My Keratin Treatment?

If you've had a salon keratin treatment, consult with your stylist for hair care instructions. Typically, keratin-enriched dry shampoo is fine to use and may even have a beneficial effect. Your stylist may recommend waiting several days after the treatment before your first regular champú and rinse. 

Dry shampoo can extend the time between washes. In addition to absorbing dirt and oil and freshening strands, a dry shampoo with keratin may also repair and strengthen damaged hair. Some dry shampoo formulas have a volumizing effect that produces fuller, thicker-looking hair.

How to Use Dry Shampoo With Keratin

Most dry shampoos are in spray form. Simply hold the container several inches from your roots and press the applicator button to release a fine mist. Use a comb or brush to work the product from roots to ends, or you can massage it through strands with your fingers. The dry shampoo packaging should specify exact usage instructions and whether the product contains keratin.

Dry shampoos and regular shampoos with repairing properties may contain keratin and other strengthening ingredients, such as panthenol and biotin, which is vitamin B7. Follow your dry shampoo with styling products formulated to fortify damaged hair and impart shine. For example, some hair sprays have shine-enhancing properties and deliver lasting hold.

Where to Buy Dry Shampoo With Keratin

You can likely find keratin dry shampoo anywhere that sells dry shampoo for damaged hair. CVS carries a range of dry shampoo brands, including Not Your Mother’s and Garnier. One dry shampoo that has keratin and coconut oil to strengthen and smooth is Batiste DeFrizzing Dry Shampoo

Does Keratin Dry Shampoo Contain Parabens?

Multiple paraben-free dry shampoos and other hair care products are available. Parabens are cosmetic preservatives that some people choose to avoid due to potential risks. Although research is varied and data concerning the potential risks of these preservatives are limited, you will find plenty of paraben-free hair care products on the market. Some shampoos, conditioners and stylers are also phthalate free, sulfate free, cruelty free and vegan.