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CVS Health - Organizador de pastillas semanal con fondo contorneado, 4 por día

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CVS Health - Organizador de pastillas semanal con fondo contorneado, 4 por día
1 c/u, 58 lb. N.º de artículo 460706

Elegible para HSA/FSA

With large clearly labeled pill compartments. 28 compartments imprinted with morning, noon, evening, and bedtime for one full week of organized medication. Base contorneada. Recomendado por farmacéuticos de CVS Health.

Este artículo es elegible para FSA (cuenta de gastos flexible).

Filling the 4-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner: Fill your 4-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner once a week. Each day of the week has four compartments, each compartment relates to the time at which medications are to be taken. Read the instructions on all of your medication bottles carefully and place the pills, one at a time, into the corresponding compartment for each day of the week and time of day. Only tablets or capsules which are to be swallowed may be placed in the 4-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner. It is not suitable for storing liquids or suppositories. If you need help to fill your 4-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner, ask your pharmacist or physician. Taking Medications from the 4-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner: Open the lid of the appropriate compartment and remove the pills by turning the 4-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner upside down. Each empty compartment indicates that the medications have been taken for that time period. Prescription Information: A prescription information label is enclosed and can be attached to the back of the planner to help you organize your medications. Use it to record the name and dosage of each medication, the number of tablets to be taken and at what time each should be taken, and the name of the physician who prescribed the medication. Care instructions: the entire top pops off for thorough and easy cleaning. Top-rack dishwasher safe. To Remove Top: The top removes in sections. Open the lids for all morning and noon compartments. Lift Sunday morning and Sunday noon lids until they are touching. Holding both lids together, pull upward in a straight motion. One top section will pop off. Repeat steps no. 1 and no. 2 on the opposite side of your 4-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner, using the lids for Sunday evening and Sunday bedtime to lift and pull. To replace top: turn the top sections upside down and look at them. Each top section has ribs that run the length of the underside. Morning/noon section ribs have 1-inch end pieces and the afternoon/evening section ribs have 2-1/4-inch end pieces. These ribs must be matched up with corresponding spaces between two rows of compartments in the base. Match the ribs for the morning/noon section to the appropriate spacing between two rows of compartments in the base, making sure that the tabs are to the center of your 4-A-Day Weekly Pill Planner. Insert the ribs into the appropriate space and press firmly along the length of the section until the ribs ate snugly in place and all the lids close properly. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to replace the afternoon/evening section.


Al igual que todos los dispositivos de almacenamiento de medicamentos, manténgalo fuera del alcance de los niños.
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