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CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design


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CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design
1 C/U, 1.1 lb. N.° de artículo: 489830
Elegible para HSA/FSA


  • Simple folding mechanism with magnets secures cane in place for easy open and close
  • Easy push button for fast height adjustment
  • Includes 2 interchangeable feet for easy customization
  • Height adjustable 30.5 to 37.5"
  • Fits users 5'1" to 6'3"
  • Capacidad de peso: 300 lb

The Take Along™ Folding Cane is a great tool for the person on the go who needs a little help walking around. With a simple folding mechanism, this cane folds up quickly making it convenient to store or put into a bag when it is not needed. Magnets secure the cane in place when folded, making it easy to manage when not in use. The cane comes with a push button for easy adjusting. The height can adjust between 30.5 to 37.5 inches. There are two interchangeable feet included with this cane: a standard cane tip and a quad foot. The feet are easy to change based on your daily activities. This cane is designed for ergonomic comfort and style with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

CVS Health by Michael Graves Design | superior design + function for the best daily care

At CVS Health, we are passionate advocates for transforming health care into a more personalized experience through new technologies and innovations that can help improve the quality of your everyday life. Architect and designer Michael Graves shared these values, and our partnership with Michael Graves Design brings you a collection of thoughtfully created adaptive products that deliver superior comfort, style, and functionality.

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Keep clear of magnet. Magnetic hazard can disturb pacemaker operation and result in serious injury or death.

From CVS Health by Michael Graves Design

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Does CVS Deliver CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design?

Yes, CVS delivers CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design to your home if available online. Delivery is always free on orders over $35, or join CarePass to enjoy FREE shipping on a variety of items.

Is CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design Available for Same Day Pick Up?

CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design may be available for same day pick up at most locations. Check your local stores for availability and add to cart to pick up today.

How To Save On CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design?

Join CarePass today to save on CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design. Enjoy great offers and deals when you sign up. Check the weekly deals and download the CVS App today for exclusive coupons!

Can CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design Be Returned?

Yes, CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design can be returned. CVS offers a Moneyback Guarantee on all Store Branded Items in the store - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

*Las reseñas y calificaciones de los clientes reflejan únicamente la opinión y punto de vista de los contribuyentes individuales y no son creadas ni avaldas por CVS Pharmacy. Revise las etiquetas del producto y consulte a su médico si tiene alguna pregunta médica o de salud.

How is the Take Along Folding cane different from other canes?

The Take Along Folding cane features a simple, innovative fold mechanism that provides easy, fast, and compact folding so you can always keep the Take Along Folding cane with you and pull it out just when you need it.

Why doesn’t this Take Along Folding cane have round tubing like most canes?

The square aluminum tube provides multiple enhancements versus round tubing. When folded, the square tubing nests together so it remains much more compact and better organized. The square tubing also enhances height adjustment since the tubes can't rotate when sliding, eliminating the lost pins on typical canes.

Why does the Take Along Folding Cane use magnets?

The magnets keep the cane together when folded, so it remains better organized without the need for a strap or rubber band. (This product contains magnets which may interfere with pacemakers, defibrillators, or other medical devices. Maintain a safe distance of separation between your medical device and this product. If you suspect this product is interfering with your medical device, stop using it and contact a medical professional.)

Why does the Take Along Folding Cane grip have such a unique shape?

The Take Along Folding Grip is very comfortable in your hands and provides enhanced functionality like its ease of hanging from tables or your arm. Whether opening a door or doing anything when two hands would be better than one, the Take Along Folding cane is designed to easily hang over your arm, edges and ledges.

Why does the Take Along Folding Cane come with two different tips?

The Take Along Folding cane comes with two different tips that are easily removed without tools so you can choose between the X-Tip that can stand on its own (on smooth level surfaces), so you free up your arms and hands when you need them or an ultra slim profile tip.

How do I remove the cane tip?

To remove, grasp the tip with your hand, and pull firmly and carefully. Reverse that instruction to place the tip back on the cane. Be sure to align the grooves on the cane's bottom post with the raised ridges inside the cane tip.

Where can I find replacement tips for my cane?

Your cane came with two tips for flexibility in use. Additional small tips can be found at SKU #669852.

Do other canes fold like this?

No other cane on the market folds this fast, this easily or stores this neatly together. It even folds in both directions of the handle for unique functionality and personal preference.

How do I set the height for my cane?

To set the perfect height for you, press and hold the red button to easily slide the lower segment in or out of the upper segment. You will hear a click when the adjustment is secure. Unless advised differently by your medical professional, the height of the cane should be set so the grip aligns with the crease of your wrist when you are standing upright and looking forward.

Should I just set the height one time and forget it?

The right height can vary when you are barefoot, wearing flat shoes or shoes with thicker soles, so you should consider adjusting the height according to your current outfit. Also, each time you fold up the cane, you can adjust it to its shortest height setting to enhance its compactness for storage.

I’ve noticed some scratches on the metal hinges of my folding cane, is that okay?

Yes, the scratches on the hinges are to be expected from folding and unfolding the cane. The scratches will not affect the folding performance of the cane.

CVS Health Take Along Folding Cane by Michael Graves Design