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Go Prime In-the-ear Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aid

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Go Prime In-the-ear Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aid

1 C/U, 0.4 lb. N.° de artículo: 365299

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Elegible para HSA/FSA

Hearing Aid products, that have been opened and used, may be returned within 60 days of ordering the item for a full refund should a customer be unsatisfied with their purchase.

Change the way you interact with the world. Rechargeable, in-the ear, digital hearing aids with advanced technology that reinvent the experience of sound. Wireless, small and discreet with easy volume adjustment. Go Prime is a premium device that would suit you best if you are looking for added features that could help you hear better in a large variety of environments.

Features include: nearly invisible design, adjustable volume, portable charging case with magnetic contact charging, rechargeable devices: up to 30 hrs of use per charge. You can charge the devices up to 6 times on a single charging case charge. Comes with 1-year warranty. Additional Prime features include 100% digital processor (DSP), 6 channels & 12 bands, 3 preset programs, noise reduction, Feedback cancellation and memory recall function.

Tipo de productoAudífonos
Step 1: Turn power ON/OFF: ON: The device will switch on automatically once removed from the charging case. You might hear it give feedback or whistle. This is normal. OFF: The device will switch off as soon as it’s placed back in the charging case. Important: The pull wire fits into the deep groove in the charging case. The device should feel secure when it connects to the magnet.

Step 2: Selecting the correct dome: Each device comes with 3 different dome sizes. The device comes pre-assembled with a medium sized dome. Choose a dome that allows the device to feel comfortable and secure in your ear. 

Step 3: Inserting the device: The device comes in different colors and is marked with an R and an L. Right ear: Red color and marked with R. Volume/program control button should be at the bottom. Left ear: Blue color and marked with L. Volume/program control button should be at the top. Align the device before inserting them.

WARNING: Conditions that Require Medical Care: Visible deformity of the ear, either present since birth or from trauma; fluid, pus or blood coming out of the ear in the past 6 months. Pain or discomfort in the ear; history of excessive ear wax or suspicion that something is in the ear canal; episodes of vertigo (a sensation of spinning or swaying) or severe dizziness; sudden, quickly worsening, or fluctuating hearing loss in the past 6 months; hearing loss or ringing (tinnitus) only in one ear or a noticeable difference in hearing between ears.

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