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1400 S Havana St Aurora, CO 80012

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Cerrado de 1:30 p. m. a 2:00 p. m. todos los días para el almuerzo

Servicios en esta tienda

Vacunas contra el COVID-19

Vacúnese contra el COVID-19 hoy mismo. Programe su cita de vacunación antes de venir para poder irse más rápido.

Acerca de esta farmacia

Life in Aurora gets busy. Did you forget bread while shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market on Ironton? Do you need a prescription in addition the vitamins or supplements you picked up at GNC on Garden Dr? Maybe you aren't feeling well and need some cold medicine. Regardless of why you need a convenience store or drug store, you'll find CVS Pharmacy® between Havana Street and Joliet Street in Aurora. We are dedicated to providing you with a fast and efficient way to get what you need when you need it.

Get your flu shot while you're running errands

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to wait on hold to schedule an appointment with your doctor and wait weeks for the appointment only to be stuck in the waiting room when the day arrives? That seems like a lot of waiting just to get a flu shot. Luckily, thanks to our team at CVS Pharmacy®, you no longer need to wait to see your doctor. We offer immunization clinics right in our store. From your annual flu shot to vaccinations for shingles and pneumonia, we provide a wide range of immunization services. Other vaccinations we provide include Tdap, Td, meningitis, MMR, Hepatitis A and B and chicken pox. We provide services for adolescents, adults and seniors. Make sure you call ahead to determine which day we provide vaccinations.

Make the most of your medication needs

What are you getting out of your current farmacia ? If you aren't already with CVS Pharmacy®, the answer is "not enough." We take your medication needs seriously, and transferring your prescriptions to us is as simple as signing up for our mobile app. Once you transfer your prescriptions, you can also use the app - or your personal account - to set up automatic refills on your prescriptions, receive alerts when you are low on refills or track many other aspects of your prescriptions. You can also keep track of your family's prescriptions so that everything is in a single convenient spot. Other options include managing your family members' medication, tracking when your prescriptions are ready for pick up and using our scan-to-pickup feature. You can even use our online resources. Meant to help you be safe, they include a pill identifier , drug interaction checker and more.

Earn cash back every time you spend money

Our team understands that you need to save money whenever possible - and even if you don't need to, saving money is still fun! For this reason, we offer a rewards program for our most loyal customers. recompensas de ExtraCare® are available as $5 rewards every time you purchase 10 prescriptions. You can also earn 2 percent cash back on qualifying purchases on cosmetics, health and even on convenience items. Do you want to find even more ways to save? When you use our app to track your purchases and earned bucks, you will also find deals specifically for you. Earn even more by signing up for the email newsletter. Between the app and the email, you can earn as much as three times more.

When you're ready to pick up your medication or do your shopping, CVS Pharmacy® is ready to help. Llame al 303-755-6614 , or stop in today.

¿CVS de 1400 S Havana St Aurora, CO 80012 ofrece vacunas contra la gripe?

Vacunas contra la gripe are offered at the CVS Pharmacy at 1400 S Havana St Aurora, CO 80012.

Programe su visita de vacunación contra la gripe con anticipación para que pueda entrar y salir más rápido. Ingrese su información de seguro y acceda a información antes de venir con nuestras preguntas frecuentes. Vea nuestras opciones para el resfriado y la gripe y esté siempre preparado para esta temporada con productos para reforzar su inmunidad y más.