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900 42nd Avenue Dr Moline, IL 61265

CVS Pharmacy en Target

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Vacunas contra el COVID-19

Vacúnese contra el COVID-19 hoy mismo. Programe su cita de vacunación antes de venir para poder irse más rápido.

Acerca de esta farmacia

Plenty of people rely on the Target on 42 Avenue to pick up everything from new clothing to groceries. While you are at the retail store, you should make sure to stop by our CVS Pharmacy® located inside that will help you with all your prescription needs. Nuestro farmacia inside the Target is just a short drive away from the Trinity Medical Center. That means you should not have to waste time and energy driving around town searching for a high-quality pharmacy when you can simply head on over to Target. You will get your prescription refilled in no time, and if you need to wait for a few minutes for our pharmacists to find what you need, then you can walk around the store to take care of other errands.

Take advantage of pharmacy services in-store as well as online

Anyone who regularly needs to visit our CVS Pharmacy® would do well to crear una cuenta CVS personal . Signing up only takes a minute, and once you have an account, you will be able to view financial summaries, which comes in handy when tax season comes around. Additionally, an account allows you to manage automatic refills for yourself and anyone in your family. You can even handle these services and more once you download our app. All you need to do for that is to text the word "App" to 287-277.

There are plenty of online services you can utilize even if you do not have an account. For starters, we offer a pill identifier , which allows you to figure out what a specific pill is based on the color, marking and shape. We also have a drug interaction checker, and this tool lets you determine if it is safe to take certain prescription or non-prescription drugs together. Naturally, if you have any questions related to how you should take your medication, do not hesitate to drive over to speak to an experienced pharmacist.

Receive immunizations no matter what time of year it is

We can do a lot more for your health than simply provide you with medication. Our staff members are also trained to administered CDC-recommended immunizations. Make sure to come by our flu clinic once flu season starts because we can keep you safe during that time of year.

Aside from the flu shot, we also offer all kinds of vaccinations that can benefit people of all ages. You can protect your children with essential vaccines they need to start school, such as shots for pneumonia, whooping cough and more. However, our immunizations are available to people of all ages, and even if you are an adult, there is a good chance you can benefit from shots for serious diseases, such as HPV, meningitis and polio.

Give us a call if there is anything else you would like to know

While there are plenty of pharmacies in Moline, Illinois, we hope you will consider us for all your prescription needs. Our trained pharmacists are here to help you every step of the way, so go ahead and give us a call at 309-764-7518 at your earliest convenience.

¿CVS de 900 42nd Avenue Dr Moline, IL 61265 ofrece vacunas contra la gripe?

Vacunas contra la gripe are offered at the CVS Pharmacy at 900 42nd Avenue Dr Moline, IL 61265.

Programe su visita de vacunación contra la gripe con anticipación para que pueda entrar y salir más rápido. Ingrese su información de seguro y acceda a información antes de venir con nuestras preguntas frecuentes. Vea nuestras opciones para el resfriado y la gripe y esté siempre preparado para esta temporada con productos para reforzar su inmunidad y más.