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one+other Padded Salon Boards

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one+other Padded Salon Boards

2 C/U, 0.05 lb. N.° de artículo: 327523

  • Fits perfectly in your purse
  • Features a fine grit that smoothens nails
  • Suitable for natural nails

Hi! We're one+other&trade (or "one another"). Our self-care essentials are simply fun to mix+match. Because everyone deserves to feel good like her, him, them and especially you.

If you want to have clean-looking nails all the time, the one+other&trade Padded Salon Boards is a perfect product. This nail file is suitable for keeping your nails looking smooth, shiny, and healthy since it removes imperfections without hassle.

This dual-sided salon board can be carried in your bag, purse, or pocket without hassle since it is portable. Its fine grit improves the surface of your nails without scratching them, unlike aggressive nail files that can damage your nails.

The one+other&trade Padded Salon Boards are perfect for beginners who want to maintain healthy nails without spending hundreds of dollars in a salon. This product is also ideal for simple and professional manicures and pedicures. Both beginners and advanced nail techs can use this nail file.


First, make sure the nails are clean and dry. File the natural nail with the rough side of the board until it is smooth. File from the corner towards the center of the nail. Do not file in multiple directions. After filing the nails, you can proceed with the other steps in your nail care routine.

Only use this product as needed. Repeated use of the grit will eventually weaken the nails and make them break easily.

After consistent use, you will notice that the grit will become worn. If this happens, replace it. Using a dull nail file can damage the natural nail.


Mantenga este producto fuera del alcance de los niños.

Tipo de productoNail files & emery boards
CantidadTwin pack
Padded Salon Boards DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Always file nails when dry for smooth edges. File from corner of nail toward center, in one direction only.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Replace when worn. WARNING: Keep out of reach of children.