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Color Oops - Decolorante para cabellos

Color Oops - Decolorante para cabellos
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Color Oops - Decolorante para cabellos
1 c/u, 45 lb. N.º de artículo 439373

Color Oops TM Extra Strength is the safest and most effective way to reverse an undesirable hair color application in just 20 minutes! Color Oops corrects your hair color by shrinking the dye molecules, allowing you to simply wash them away.
Our unique formula is bleach-free and ammonia-free; Color Oops will not have the damaging effects of bleach or ammonia-based products. Color Oops Extra Strength is formulated to remove the most difficult colors and color build-up. Color Oops is so gentle that you can re-color your hair the same day.

Color Oops Extra Strength removes artificial color from hair that has become too dark. For instance: if your hair was blonde and you applied a brown color that is too dark, Color Oops can be used to get your hair back to a blonde shade.
Color Oops can also be used to remove artificial color from hair that was lightened but became off-tone. For instance: if you have naturally brown hair and used an ash blonde color and your hair is now blonde with a green tint, Color Oops will remove the green tint, but your hair will remain blonde.



Part 1: Deionized Water, Sodium Hydrosulfite, Fragrance,Polysorbate-80,


Cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine

Part 2: Deionized Water, Citric Acid,

Cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine,

Xanthan Gum

Color Oops Directions




�             Always conduct a strand test before applying Color Oops.*

�             For longer or thicker hair you may need more than 1 box.

�             Gently comb hair smooth – eliminate all tangles.

�             Color Oops should be applied to DRY HAIR.

�             Cover clothing with protective cape or towel.

�             Wear gloves during application of Color Oops.

�             Do not mix Color Oops in a�metallic bowl, or let Color Oops come in contact with any    

             metallic surface. Use the applicator bottle provided in kit.



�             While pointing bottle away from face, remove cap on applicator bottle #2. Pour entire                     contents of bottle #1 into applicator bottle 2.

�             Replace cap on applicator bottle 2 and shake well for 30 seconds.

�             While pointing bottle away from face, remove cap and place applicator nozzle on

              applicator bottle 2 (cut nozzle tip if necessary).


�             Apply liberally to areas of hair that need hair color removal or correction.� Move quickly                  through the application as the activity of the mixture decreases with elapsed time.

�             Be certain there is even and adequate product penetration throughout the areas of hair  

that color is being removed. Gently re-work through for even penetration.


�             Place cap on hair. Process up to 20 minutes.

�             Check hair's progress frequently.

�             While processing, be certain that the room is NOT cold and be certain that you are not                    sitting near a vent blowing cool air, as this will affect timing and results.

�             Do not process longer than 20 minutes.


� Rinse with warm water and shampoo, then rinse for 15-20 minutes. (Yes - 20 minutes.)

� Shampoo again and rinse for another 5 minutes. Repeat 2 more times.

�             Additional rinsing is needed for longer, thicker hair.

� This step is very important for desired results. The more you rinse the better your results.

�             Apply a conditioner.


Towel dry hair and check for amount of color removal. If additional color removal is needed, be certain to check hair condition, texture and porosity. If condition of hair permits, repeat above steps. DO NOT repeat more than 2 to 3 times (and always depending on condition of hair and scalp).


Re-Coloring Advice

�             If re-coloring hair is desired after using Color Oops, always check                                                condition of hair and scalp before continuing.

� Before re-coloring your hair use a good protein conditioner beforehand. Aplicar

conditioner to hair and place a shower cap over hair. Leave conditioner in your hair for a minimum of 20 minutes. The proteins will even out the porosity of hair and prevent the next color from grabbing too dark.

�             When re-coloring hair, remember your hair will be more porous, and this               should be

considered when selecting color shade. Porous hair will always grab color and look

             darker or more ashen.

�             For longer, thicker hair be certain to choose a hair color that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than  

             desired shade because the color will grab quickly.

� Always do a STRAND and PATCH test with your new color. Testing a very small section of your hair with the new hair color will let you know exactly how long to process the new color. (In some cases it may only take 5 minutes to process the new color to your desire shade.)



CAUTION: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals. A preliminary patch test according to the accompanying directions should be first made. Evite el contacto con los ojos. If contact with eyes should occur, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a physician. This product must not be used on eyelashes or eyebrows. To do so may cause blindness. Not to be taken internally. Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños.

PATCH TEST RECOMMENDED: Apply mixture of equal parts 1 and 2 on a small cleansed area behind the ear or the fold of the elbow. Remove after 24 hours with soap and water or immediately if irritation occurs. If irritation is apparent, DO NOT PROCEED WITH APPLICATION!

PLEASE NOTE: Color Oops is formulated to remove regular oxidative hair color, it is not formulated for direct color dyes such as pinks, blues, greens, purples, etc.  

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*Customer reviews and ratings solely reflect the views and opinions of the individual contributors and are not created or endorsed by CVS Pharmacy. Please review the product labeling and consult with your doctor with any health or medical questions.