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Salonpas - Parche para aliviar el dolor


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Salonpas - Parche para aliviar el dolor
20 u., 0.25 lb. N.° de artículo 471770

Elegible para HSA/FSA

These comfortable, effective topical pain patches have 3 powerful pain fighters that work at the site of pain. Whether for your back, shoulders, neck or legs, the Salonpas Pain Relieving Patch can provide hours of relief. This long-lasting patch comes in a 20-count. With rounded corners and flexible fabric, application is easy and the patches bend with your movements. The patches stay where you need them and are easy to remove. Topical pain relievers like Salonpas are recommended first-line pain treatment based on CDC & other guidelines. The targeted relief of Salonpas topical pain relievers works at the site of pain. Non-addictive Salonpas topical pain relievers are gentle on the body. In the century-and-a-half since our founding, Hisamitsu has pioneered the development of patches and other topical treatments to relieve everyday aches and pains. This is our mission, to make topical care available for all who seek it - anytime, anywhere. - SALONPAS PAIN RELIEVING PATCH: 3 powerful pain fighters that work at the site of pain for maximum pain relief. Easily apply gel under clothing for up to 8 hours of relief from muscle soreness, sprains, back pain or backache, joint pain, & neck pain - TACKLE LARGE OR SMALL PAIN AREAS: Convenient patches can be used for up to 8 hours of targeted relief on back, shoulder, neck, legs, or joints. Plus, check out our whole assortment of pain relief products and find a pain relief solution tailored for you - HOURS OF PAIN RELIEF: Is back pain holding you back? Does neck pain make it hard to focus? Is joint pain or muscle soreness stopping your favorite activities? Salonpas patches provide hours of pain relief. Why let pain stop you, when you can stop pain - SALONPAS TO HELP SOOTHE YOUR PAIN: With pain relief patches, spray, cream, gel and liquid, Salonpas is here to help you get through your day with discreet, easy to use, topical pain relief for temporary relief of aches and pains - Up to 8 Hours of Relief
ProblemaAlivio del dolor
Cantidad1-60 ct


QUALITY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS WITH NO PRESCRIPTON: With Camphor (3.1%), Menthol (6.0%), and Methyl salicylate (10.0%) you're getting the Strongest Labeled OTC Topical Pain Relief Patch - Prov