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5 de junio de 2023
I was happy to get service on a Sunday, and everything was fine until I had the unfortunate idea to ask if they can send the prescription to Costco pharmacy instead. The idea was to get immediate access to the medication but at my primary pharmacy. We both didn't check and the pharmacy was not open when I tried to pick it up. But what's worse is that apparently they also did not fill out the prescription correctly so even now the day later I cannot pick it up until resolved. The MinuteClinic phone system is a joke, i.e. yes and no question with no not being an allowed answer etc. Still on hold after finally figuring out how to get it to connect to representative. I am supposed to take this medicine 1-3 days after onset and I am on day three trying to get this nonsense resolved.
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CVS Walk-In Clinics near San Pablo, California

MinuteClinics® in San Pablo

Finding a San Pablo walk-in clinic is easy. With 1 MinuteClinics® in the area, you don't have to go far to get taken care of. Whether you are living on campus at University Of California-Berkeley, in the center of the city, or out in the suburbs, safe, in-person care is right around the corner.When you are suffering from a minor illness like an ear infection or a stye, or a minor injury like a splinter or bug bite, MinuteClinic® can help you feel better. You will receive professional attention at less of a cost than going to Urgent Care in San Pablo or a stay at Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center. If you're not feeling well enough to visit in-person, but would like professional advice, you can book a telehealth appointment.

San Pablo Walk-in Clinics

Gerken's Mobile Home Court or Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park are nice places to visit, but locals in San Pablo know that you can also suffer injuries ranging from painful blisters to bug bites. If you need help recovering from a minor injury, visit a walk-in clinic in San Pablo, California. You can get back on your feet and back to your plans, like catching some rays at Gallinas Beach.In addition to providing aid to help you recover from minor illnesses and injuries, a local MinuteClinic is a provider of immunizations, physicals, and wellness checks in San Pablo.

San Pablo MinuteClinic® Services

Enjoy the following services when you visit a MinuteClinic® in the San Pablo area:

  • MinuteClinic® practitioners can check symptoms and develop treatment plans for an assortment of illnesses, like STDs, ear infection, STDs, and more.
  • If you suffer a minor injury, MinuteClinic® can help. We offer blister treatment, sprain treatment, splinter removal, suture removal, and more to help you feel better.
  • Receive assistance managing medical conditions with high blood pressure treatment, diabetes monitoring, sleep apnea treatment, and more. You can also learn vital statistics like BMI and blood pressure.
  • Find help treating dry, itchy skin, and assorted minor skin conditions, such as hair loss treatment, acne treatment, shingles treatment, and more by visiting a San Pablo clinic.
  • Get a pre-travel consultation to help discover everything you need to get ready for your trip, as determined by your itinerary. Learn about malaria treatment, traveler's diarrhea prevention, typhoid treatment, and other issues you may face when you travel internationally.
  • CVS offers a range of immunizations for the entire family-from adults to children. Popular shots like the Tdap vaccine, tetanus shot, and pneumonia shot are regularly available.
  • From ear wax removal to mental health counseling, epinephrine pen refills, college physicals, and more, CVS practitioners help you manage your health and prepare for college, sports leagues, and jobs.
  • A MinuteClinic® in San Pablo can assist you in accessing helpful women's services including trichomoniasis treatment, pelvic exams, urinary tract infection treatment, and more, for times when you are unable to make it to your primary care physician or OB/GYN.

CVS has 1 MinuteClinic® locations near San Pablo, so you won't have to go far to get help with treating illnesses or injuries, diagnoses and checkups, or vaccinations. Go to our San Pablo walk-in clinics for professional support.

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