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CVS Health - Almohadillas para durezas, regular


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CVS Health - Almohadillas para durezas, regular
9 C/U, 0.01 lb. N.° de artículo: 337956
  • Includes 9 cushions to reduce friction against sensitive corns
  • Supersoft felt cushions and protects sensitive spots
  • Self-adhesive holds pads securely in place
  • Elegible para HSA/FSA

Protect your fingers and toes against sensitive corns with CVS Health™ Corn Cushions working to free your feet from friction and helping your hands to heal. Spots most susceptible to corns are often under pressure from tight shoes and gloves, and with the CVS Health™ Corn Cushions, you can ease the pain and discomfort of sensitive spots. Each CVS Health™ Corn Cushion features supersoft felt cushioning to protect the most tender areas of your hands and feet, while the self-adhesive works to ensure each pad stays firmly in place, allowing you to experience effective relief from your corns. The CVS Health™ Corn Cushions also alleviate pressure on targeted tender skin to soothe inflamed areas by providing a welcome barrier between your over-worked skin and unwelcome friction. Experience a welcome respite from the pain of corns with CVS Health™ Corn Cushions protecting your skin in the process.

Cantidad1-60 u.


Asegurarse de que ambos pies estén limpios y secos. Quitar delicadamente la película del dorso de las almohadillas adhesivas. Alinear las almohadillas con el orificio sobre la dureza o área sensible.