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Lime-a-way Toggle Top Liquid, 28 OZ


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Lime-a-way Toggle Top Liquid, 28 OZ
28 oz, 2.1 lb. N.° de artículo: 493663

Lime-A-Way cleaner easily removes lime, calcium and rust stains caused by the natural minerals in your water. It effectively cleans the toughest hard water build-up so the surfaces stay cleaner for longer. Also try the convenient toggle bottle for easy pouring or application on larger surfaces and Lime-A-Way toilet bowl cleaner for those tough hard water stains in the toilet.

  • Turbo power
  • Sinks and fixtures, tub and tile, and shower and glass
  • Destroys the toughest limescale in 60 seconds without scrubbing
  • Contains no phosphorus
  • Made in the USA

Product typeBathroom cleaners
Cantidad21-40 oz
AromaCon perfume


Wearing rubber gloves, use your fingernail or pen point and apply slight backward pressure to the ridge of flip top. Once flip top is raised slightly, the flip top can be lifted completely. Apply directly to the stain or damp sponge or cloth. Wipe and rinse area promptly and thoroughly with cold clean water. For heavy build up or hard water deposits, apply directly to area then rinse promptly. Note: always re-close after use and store with cap closed. Note: Do not use on natural marble, stone, terrazzo, polished or anodized aluminum, metallic or painted surfaces, colored grout or counter tops. May etch some older or worn porcelain tubs and sinks or ceramic tile. If in doubt, test hidden areas first. Avoid contact with wood, fabric and wallpaper. Wipe up spills immediately and rinse with water. Not for use on food contact surfaces. Do not use on cookware, coffeemakers, tea kettles, humidifiers and washing machines.


Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños. Corrosive to eyes and skin. Nocivo por ingestión. Read precautions on back. Corrosive. Causes eye and skin damage. Evitar el contacto con los ojos, la piel o la ropa. Do not ingest. Do not breathe vapor or mist. Do not mix with bleach or other household chemicals as harmful fumes may result. Handle with care, wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Usar en áreas bien ventiladas. Contains sulfamic acid and ethoxylated tallow amine. First Aid: If in eyes, immediately rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Remove any contact lenses and continue rinsing eyes for at least 15 minutes. Get immediate medical attention. If on skin, immediately wash with soap and water. Get immediate medical attention. If swallowed, rinse mouth, and drink a glass of water. Call a physician or poison control center . If inhaled, move person to fresh air.

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Lime-a-way Toggle Top Liquid, 28 OZ