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CVS Walk-In Clinics near St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul MinuteClinics®

A CVS walk-in clinic in St. Paul is easy to find, no matter if you are out in the suburbs, taking classes at Macalester College, or live in the heart of downtown. CVS has 47 MinuteClinics® near the city, so the medical attention you require is easily accessible.Our St. Paul area MinuteClinics® help you recover from minor illnesses like bug bites and splinters and minor injuries such as bug bites and splinters. Schedule an appointment at the clinic, or if you're not feeling healthy enough to come to the clinic, telehealth appointments are also available. Convenient and less expensive than a trip to Urgent Care in St. Paul or a visit to United Hospital, MinuteClinic® is dedicated to keeping you feeling well.

Clinics in St. Paul

St. Paul residents enjoy exploring the city and its many highlights; however, spending the day trekking around Mississippi National River and Recreation Area can lead to injuries, from bug bites to painful sunburns and other issues. A trip to a walk-in clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota helps get you back on your feet and back to what you really enjoy, like cheering on your favorite team at O'Shaughnessy Stadium.The St. Paul clinic is more than a place where you can get help to deal with minor injuries and illnesses, it is also where you will find immunizations, physicals, wellness checks, and a lot more.

Services at MinuteClinics® in St. Paul

Come in or make an appointment at a MinuteClinic® to take advantage of the following services:

  • MinuteClinic® practitioners can develop treatment plans and check symptoms for a wide range of illnesses, like STDs, strep throat, gout, and more.
  • When you suffer a minor injury, MinuteClinic® can help. We provide suture removal, staple removal, sprain treatment, wound treatment, and more to help you feel better.
  • Get tests to learn vital health stats, such as blood pressure and BMI. Find help managing chronic conditions by getting high blood pressure treatment, asthma monitoring, high cholesterol treatment, and other treatment.
  • Visit a St. Paul clinic for help with dry, itchy skin as well as athlete's foot treatment, lice treatment, scabies treatment, and a variety of other minor skin issues.
  • Get a pre-travel consultation to help find out everything you need before boarding a plane at Minneapolis-St Paul Intl, based on your itinerary. Learn about zika treatment, traveler's diarrhea prevention, typhoid treatment, and other concerns you might have when traveling abroad.
  • CVS can administer a variety of vaccinations for the entire family-from children to adults. Sought-after shots like the tetanus vaccine, pneumonia treatment, and meningitis vaccination are regularly available.
  • Get help improving your health and getting ready for jobs, college, and sports leagues with TB testing, camp physicals, DOT physicals, ear wax removal, and more.
  • When you cannot make it to your primary care physician or OB/GYN, a MinuteClinic® in St. Paul can help. Get essential women's services such as urinary tract infection treatment, trichomoniasis treatment, pelvic exams, and more.

There are 47 MinuteClinic® locations near St. Paul, so you won't have to travel far to get vaccinations, help with treating illnesses or injuries, or diagnoses and checkups. Go to our St. Paul walk-in clinics for professional care.

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