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Reseñas de clínicas en Centreville

Calificación promedio de clientes para 5652 Pickwick Road, Centreville VA, 20120: 4.8 (35 calificaciones)
4 de noviembre de 2022
"[...] was a great nurse :)"
26 de octubre de 2022
"It was good overall exp"
1 de octubre de 2022
"Nurse Practitioner and Covid 19 test administrator were very professional and very friendly."
29 de septiembre de 2022
"Very competent staff."
20 de septiembre de 2022
"This was for the last shot for my sons (under 5 years old) COVID sequence. She was understanding, patient, explained to my son whats going to happen and made the process incredibly easy for both of us. "
Calificación promedio de clientes para 13031 Lee Jackson Highway, Fairfax VA, 22033: 2.8 (50 calificaciones)
10 de noviembre de 2022
"Felt I was being care for even better than doctors office"
4 de noviembre de 2022
"very good "
4 de noviembre de 2022
"She was so kind and explained everything well. She was quick, efficient and respected me and my time. "
31 de octubre de 2022
"The provider took time to explain all the perscriptions and write up a plan for us to follow."
29 de octubre de 2022
"Nurse was professional, friendly and knowledgeable.."
Calificación promedio de clientes para 10301 New Guinea Rd, Fairfax VA, 22032: 3.8 (26 calificaciones)
8 de noviembre de 2022
"The practitioner was very thorough, professional, and kind. Thanks so much!"
30 de octubre de 2022
"thank you to the kind NPs who helped in a quick and compassionate manner! "
27 de agosto de 2022
"NP was wonderful. I was seen over an hour after my appointment time. It would help if she had a receptionist to update patients on delays."
8 de agosto de 2022
"Excellent care.thanks "
26 de julio de 2022
"The Practitioner was professional, knowledgeable, amiable, calm, methodical, and patient regarding the examination and assessment of my health issue. She clearly explained the purpose and value of the prescribed medications, and went above and beyond by calling a few CVS pharmacies that were convenient to me. She did an incredible job while dealing with both the Target and Minute Clinic computer systems being down. I was impressed and grateful for the care I received."
Calificación promedio de clientes para 11160 South Lakes Drive, Reston VA, 20191: 4.8 (48 calificaciones)
22 de noviembre de 2022
"The care provider was such a pleasant person, who explained to me in a loving manner. I really felt so good to have met such a nice person. I am sure very happy to have such a wonderful person in your Team."
19 de noviembre de 2022
"Nurse practitioner care was outstanding"
24 de octubre de 2022
"The nurse ([...]) who provided both the COVID booster shot and Flu shot was terrific. "
23 de octubre de 2022
"Professional and Respectful provider ( [...])"
18 de octubre de 2022
"That nonsense about not being able to check in until 5 min. before my appt was confusing, especially where it said that checking in earlier could result in delaying my appt. Practitioner was dismayed that I hadnt already checked in 10 min. before because she didnt know I was in the waiting area already."

CVS Walk-In Clinics near Centreville, Virginia

MinuteClinics® in Centreville

It's easy to find a Centreville walk-in clinic. With 33 MinuteClinics® in the area, you don't have to travel far to get examined. Whether you're taking classes at Virginia International University, in the heart of the city, or out in the suburbs, safe, in-person care is accessible.Our Centreville area MinuteClinics® help you treat minor illnesses like bug bites and splinters and minor injuries such as splinters and bug bites. Book an in-person appointment, or if you are feeling too unwell to make it to the clinic, you can schedule a telehealth appointment. Convenient and less expensive than a trip to Urgent Care in Centreville or a visit to Total Health Medical Center, MinuteClinic® is focused on keeping you feeling healthy.

Centreville Clinics

Locals in Centreville enjoy seeing the city and its surroundings; however, exploring Virginia Forestry Department or Manassas National Battlefield Park can lead to injuries, from achy rashes to poison ivy and other wounds. Stopping by our walk-in clinic in Centreville, Virginia can help get you back on your feet and back to doing what you really enjoy, like enjoying the city.The Centreville walk-in clinic does more than help you recover from minor injuries and illnesses, it is also a provider of wellness checks, physicals, immunizations, and much more.

Centreville MinuteClinic® Services

There are several helpful services accessible at a MinuteClinic® in the Centreville area, such as:

  • MinuteClinic® practitioners can develop treatment plans and check symptoms for a variety of illnesses, including gout, ear infection, bronchitis, and more.
  • Get help with treatment for minor injuries such as suture removal, joint pain treatment, strain treatment, minor burn treatment, and more.
  • Get tests to learn important health numbers, including blood pressure and BMI. Find help managing chronic conditions by getting diabetes screening, sleep apnea treatment, comprehensive health screening, and other tests.
  • Visit a Centreville clinic for help with dry, itchy skin as well as athlete's foot treatment, lice treatment, ringworm treatment, and a variety of other minor skin conditions.
  • Before boarding a plane at Washington Dulles International, find out everything you need to do and know with a pre-travel consultation. A CVS walk-in clinic in Centreville offers motion sickness prevention, typhoid treatment, and malaria prevention to help keep you healthy on your journey.
  • CVS offers a variety of vaccinations for the whole family-from children to adults. Popular shots like the pneumonia shot, diphtheria vaccine, and hepatitis A vaccine are regularly available.
  • Get help improving your well-being and getting ready for jobs, college, and sports leagues with ear wax removal, titers testing, TB testing, sports physicals, and more.
  • Women's services, like trichomoniasis treatment, human papillomavirus treatment, herpes simplex treatment, and more, are available at a Centreville area MinuteClinic®.

A Centreville clinic is right around the corner to help meet your healthcare demands. Head to one of the 33 MinuteClinic® sites in the area to receive the care you require.

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